Updated on Jun 21, 2023
Established in 1965, Datacom is the largest homegrown technology company in Australia. They specialize in designing, building, and operating IT systems. FS.com 40CH DWDM solution empowers Datacom to build a stable and reliable data center network, enabling them not only to quickly respond to market demands but also to adapt to future technological advancements and business expansions.
  • Challenge 1
    The same link needs to simultaneously support 10G/100G services while maximizing cost savings.
  • Challenge 2
    The maximum transmission distance reaches 70 km, and how to avoid signal distortion and unstable data transmission is a huge challenge.
  • Challenge 3
    The solution involves two links, with a lot of details and a tight project schedule, posing a challenge for the FS team to deliver promptly.
  • Saving Money: Cost-effective Solution
    FS team has adopted a comprehensive set of cost-effective products to achieve the coexistence of 10G and 100G transmission rates, saving fiber optic resources and helping the customer reduce network deployment costs. In this solution, the use of a 40-channel Mux DeMux enables the mixing of multiple signals over a single fiber. This project brings reliable and cost-efficient data center network solutions to the customer.
  • Saving Trouble: Ensuring Stability and Reliability
    In terms of software, precision chromatic dispersion compensation technology was employed using customized TDCM. With proper configuration, the TDCM module's group delay response characteristics can compensate for the chromatic dispersion issues in long-distance transmission. In terms of hardware, comprehensive tests were conducted on all products, including reliability, error rate, and receiver sensitivity, before shipment.
  • Saving Time: Personalized One-Stop Service
    At the stage of design, the FS team initiates a 24/5 rapid response channel to promptly address customer inquiries. During implementation, FS leverages its advantage of global warehousing and fast delivery to significantly reduce shipment and transportation time. Additionally, during equipment installation and network trial run, the FS team closely monitors customer feedback and provides timely technical support.
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