Posted on Aug 4, 2023
The FS Campus Wireline solution facilitates a network upgrade for the customer by replacing older equipment. This upgrade effectively meets the Transport Department's requirements for digital transport, including real-time monitoring and management, route optimization and planning, as well as data analysis and forecasting.
  • Challenge 1
    Lightning interference may cause network outages or data loss, requiring equipment to be lightning-proof.
  • Challenge 2
    Using the switch in quiet environments, such as offices and conference rooms, requires low equipment noise.
  • Challenge 3
    Switches with Layer 2 capabilities and support for stacking are required for flexible networking.
  • Special lightning resistance requirements
    To prevent equipment failure and data loss caused by lightning, the switches provided in the FS solution incorporate lightning protection. The S3100-16TMS-P has strong lightning protection to prevent network disruption or data loss due to lightning interference.
  • Quiet office requirements
    While preventing lightning interference, the technician also requires the switch to meet the indoor office's quiet standards. Loud noise disrupts work and concentration, affecting efficiency and experience. The S3100-16TMS-P operates below 35 dBA, ensuring a comfortable work environment.
  • Flexible networking and easy configuration
    FS solution offers excellent redundancy support, such as S3900-48T6S-R with ring protocols, VRRP, and stacking capabilities, ensuring fast fault recovery and reliable network connectivity. FS engineers also recommend S5800-48T4S, an L3 switch with customizable port configurations and MPLS support.
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