Posted on Jul 28, 2023
This convenience store is located in the bustling commercial hub of downtown Sydney, Australia. Spanning about 100 square meters, it offers a diverse range of everyday essentials, food, beverages, and goods. The store experiences a substantial influx of customers daily, with particularly high footfall on weekends and holidays, reaching thousands. Due to its limited operating area, the store requires a cost-effective and practical video surveillance system to enhance security measures.
  • Challenge 1
    Economic disputes and incidents of missing goods often occur, making it difficult to determine responsibility and collect evidence.
  • Challenge2
    High footfall and a complex workforce, lead to a high number of disputes and thefts at night, impacting the business significantly.
  • 7X24 HD Cameras with Full Coverage Simplify Management Work
    FS provided a video surveillance solution for John's store. The IPC101-5M-B camera captures critical areas, while the IPC101-2M-T camera at the checkout captures audio and video to resolve disputes. The IPC301-5M-F and IPC104-5M-D cameras cover the shopping area and provide 360-degree panoramic views. This solution helped John effectively solve the store management problem.
  • Milestone System Enhances Security and Reduces Monitoring Costs
    This customer integrated surveillance with FS.com cameras that simplify inspections. The IPC301-8M-B bullet camera is ideal for store entrances and exits. It features an alert function during off-peak hours, triggering audible and visual alarms upon unauthorized intrusion. Additionally, Milestone video management centrally handles IPC cameras, reduces costs, and boosts security efficiency.
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