Posted on Sep 9, 2023
With the continuously increasing network demand and the surge of data throughput, a small data center enterprise in the United States urgently needs to upgrade and expand its existing network bandwidth. The FS small data center cabling solution meets their demand through self-developed FHD® high-density sliding fiber enclosures, fiber optic cassettes, and other products. This solution achieves flawless cabling in each area while facilitating efficient operation and maintenance management.
  • Challenge 1
    The cabling density in the traditional data center is low and scattered. They require FS to offer high-density cabling equipment to save space, operation, and maintenance costs.
  • Challenge 2
    Traditional data center cabling products are single-functioned, and the customer expects FS to provide various flexible and customizable products to meet different practical needs.
  • Challenge 3
    Traditional data centers do not support pre-wiring, and the customer expects a cabling solution from FS to allow for pre-deployment to save network construction time.
  • Saving Space and Simplifying Cabling Management with High-density Products
    FS fiber optic cabling solution adopts a strategy of integrating the main distribution area and horizontal distribution area for streamlined cabling, simplifying cable management. It perfectly meets the requirements for high-density cabling and space reduction through MTP® fiber products, making it more convenient for future operation and maintenance by increasing the cabling density.
  • Flexibility and Efficiency Supported by Various FHD® Fiber Cassettes
    The FS FHD® series fiber optic cassettes provide flexibility to choose products with different core counts based on specific requirements. By utilizing FS FHD® series fiber optic cassettes, small data centers now have a broader range of options and increased versatility in their cabling solutions. This meets various applications and helps to achieve more convenient and efficient cabling.
  • Saving Time and Resources through Pre-deployment with EOR
    FS small data center cabling solution adopts the EOR (End Of Rack) cabling method, and it allows for the pre-deployment and pre-construction of the wiring network within each cabinet in the early stage of the project. Therefore, not only is the deployment time significantly reduced, but valuable time and resources are also saved for technical engineers.
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