Posted on Jun 12, 2023
With FS's help, an ISP and Telecom Operator in Thailand has upgraded metro-area network (MAN) sites from 100G to 400G for higher transmission capacity. FS provided a solution using compact and high transmission rate QSFP-DD-ER8-400G, QSFP-DD-LR8-400G, QSFP-DD-LR4-400G modules, and optical fibers. The solution supports high-density, multi-site interconnection and ensures stable and high-quality operation. It facilitates access to more users and contributes to the growth of Thailand's telecommunications industry.
  • Challenge 1
    All sites are located on the urban fringe, presenting environmental challenges such as air pollution.
  • Challenge 2
    The client's business demands have significantly increased, requiring a network upgrade from the original 100G to 400G with high transmission capacity requirements.
  • Challenge 3
    The sites are dispersed in different areas of the city with varying distances, posing some difficulties in O&M management.
  • Hermetic Packaging with Strong Environmental Adaptability
    FS adopted airtight BOX-encapsulated 400G modules such as QSFP-DD-ER8-400G, QSFP-DD-LR8-400G, QSFP-DD-LR4-400G modules. It ensures stable operations with excellent environmental adaptability. FS's professional testing labs conduct full inspections, including power and wavelength testing, flow testing, optical performance testing, end-face testing, and compatibility testing, ensuring signal quality, stability, and transmission reliability.
  • High-density Deployment and Large Transmission Capacity
    The client has experienced slower data processing and higher latency due to insufficient transmission capacity, affecting site efficiency. FS's high-density, compact QSFP-DD modules provide a more efficient network upgrade solution than the previous CFP8 modules, accelerating data transmission, improving speed and performance, and enabling new user access. The point-to-point solution is easy to install, enhancing overall deployment efficiency.
  • Stable and Reliable Network Operation, Convenient Upgrade and O&M
    Scattered Sites, with the farthest distance being about 35km, require more resources. FS adopted modules with DDM technology for real-time monitoring, fault alarm, prediction, and location functions. It saved O&M resources and improved efficiency, enabling a smooth network upgrade without replacing the original fiber optic cable. FS's high-quality modules and fast delivery ensured rapid upgrades, stable operation, and improved business levels.
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