Posted on Aug 7, 2023
Founded in 2009, this industry-leading Australian wireless communication network operator is committed to helping Australians access better broadband services. The active WDM solution provided by FS.com can not only maximize the utilization of existing fiber resources and save network upgrade costs, but also ensure high reliability and stability of the upgraded network.
  • Challenge 1
    Limited network bandwidth cannot meet the growing network needs of community users.
  • Challenge 2
    The network lacks stability and reliability, and frequent failures affect experience and cause a crisis of user trust.
  • Challenge 3
    The customer already has 4G network facilities and hopes that they can be effectively utilized to save expansion costs.
  • Sharing fiber resources to facilitate network upgrade
    FS solution team adopted a 4G/5G hybrid networking approach for a rapid upgrade of the community's 5G network. Through active wavelength division equipment, multiple different wavelength optical signals can be simultaneously transmitted on the same fiber, enabling optical fiber resource sharing. This way effectively saves fiber resources and reduces the cost of network upgrades.
  • Color optical modules ensure stability and reliability
    The 25G DWDM colored optical modules are all industrial-grade and suitable for outdoor applications. With high-performance laser chips and independent packaging, it ensures high-speed operation even in harsh weather conditions. It greatly improves the reliability of the community network, ensures the long-term stable operation of the community network and the high-quality Internet experience of users.
  • Save the expansion cost of network upgrade
    The FS solution team conducted rigorous compatibility tests on Cisco and Juniper equipment, and set up a 72-hour uninterrupted trial operation test for virtual scenarios. The test data confirmed that it adapted to the customer's equipment. This eliminated the client's concerns about the performance of the software and hardware of FS products, and saves a large amount of expansion costs for the client.
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