Posted on Oct 17, 2023
The customer is a leader in the live-streaming industry with its headquarters located in Stockholm. The company is dedicated to creating unparalleled real-time digital experiences and continuously driving industry advancement through its proprietary software and data network systems developed in-house.
  • Challenge 1
    To accommodate the rapid growth of social platform users, a new data center is being constructed. Product selection must consider diverse transmission requirements.
  • Challenge 2
    Network latency and business interruptions have a significant impact on the live-streaming experience. There is a high demand for product quality, reliability, and stable operation.
  • Challenge 3
    The customer places great emphasis on the product delivery capability and has extremely high requirements for delivery times.
  • FS's diverse product line meets various needs
    In data centers, rack distances range from a few meters to several hundred meters or even 2 kilometers. FS offers diverse 100G products, including short-distance DAC and SR4, intra-data center IR4 for interconnections, as well as long-distance LR4, along with cables and accessories. Customers can choose products based on their actual transmission distance requirements.
  • Professional equipment testing ensures worry-free quality and performance
    To ensure the smooth operation of live streaming and user satisfaction, the customer's data needs to be rapidly and stably transmitted and stored between the front end and back end. FS has an in-house laboratory with advanced global testing equipment. Every component, from production to the final product, undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance with standards.
  • In-house chip development and global warehouses ensure timely delivery
    The customer urgently needs to construct a data center, and any delays in product delivery could have a significant impact on their operations. FS's 100G modules, equipped with in-house developed chips and automated production technology, ensure stable deliveries. FS has warehousing centers that enable fast deliveries to better meet customer's delivery requirements.
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