FS 100G Transceiver Solution in Data Center Makes Game Operation Easier

"With FS's help, the construction of the data center is very smooth. From product collocation to solutions deployment, FS shows professionalism in every detail. Building the new data center has proven sensible, making us more competitive and economically viable." - Cecilia (marketing manager)


The client is a mobile game company that integrates R&D and publishing. Headquartered in Europe, they have branches in Germany and France and R&D centers in Finland and Denmark. The main business is PC/mobile games, and they have produced many creative and high-quality games and gradually become an international comprehensive game company. There are more than 1000 team members worldwide. Its products are available in over 30 countries and regions, including Europe, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, North America, and Australia.

Client Needs & Challenges

With the booming e-sports industry in recent years, various games have emerged. There is a more urgent need for game data storage. When the number of online players reaches millions or tens of millions, problems such as delays, failures, or live streaming lag may occur, seriously affecting the player experience. The continued growth of the gaming business needs robust real-time data transmission and better infrastructure as support. Therefore, the client plans to build a new data center in Germany to ensure the security, storage, and immediate processing of data as well as the quality and delivery of products.

The new data center involves multiple products for inter-rack and intra-rack connectivity. Expecting high-quality modules, the client thinks it necessary to consider different date transmissions during product selection and configuration. And the client hopes for an early service delivery date.

The Solution

A Great Product Line Satisfying All Needs

Building a new data center could be challenging. FS has learned from Cecilia that the distance between inter-rack and intra-rack connectivity varies from a dozen meters to several hundred meters or even 2KM. In this context, FS experts provide a wide range of 100G product portfolios with various transmission distances, including AOC and SR4 for short distances, IR4 for interconnection in data centers, LR4 for long distances, and cables and accessories for connecting. These modules have a wide range of models to meet various distance requirements, as well as a high margin to ensure transmission quality.

Cecilia highly appreciates the FS product line and finds it very hassle-free and convenient. FS's 100G product portfolios offer more flexibility and reliability to satisfy all client's needs.

A Great Product Line Satisfying All Needs

Self-developed Chips and Global Warehousing to Ensure Timely Delivery

The client's urgent need to achieve efficient real-time data processing and storage necessitates the construction of a data center project and the selection of the right product. Failure to deliver on time may affect the client's business, including financial loss and damaged reputation. To cope with the global chip supply chain crisis, FS has launched 100G modules with self-developed chips and automated production technology to ensure stable delivery and avoid problems such as chip shortages. In addition, FS has warehouses worldwide to enable fast delivery in most countries, thus better meeting clients' delivery needs.

Self-developed Chips

Professional Testing, Quality Assurance

For a smooth gaming experience, users' data need to be transmitted and stored rapidly and stably between the front and back ends. As the vital equipment to support the operation of game servers, devices in the data center should have efficient transmission speed, stable performance, and reliable quality. In this regard, FS owns labs equipped with the global most advanced testing equipment. From the production of modules to the finished products, FS undergoes different tests to ensure that every index meets the standards. These products could be guaranteed to access high performance and reliability to enhance the gaming experience and player satisfaction.

Professional Testing, Quality Assurance

Client Benefits

FS has multiple product lines to customize solutions for clients. The FS team provides professional technical support and services, ensuring that projects start and run smoothly on schedule.

If you have similar needs, be it data center interconnection, data transmission, network management, et cetera, please do not hesitate to contact FS.com. We will provide the most suitable solution according to your specific needs.

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