FS 100km Single Fiber DWDM Solution Empowers ISP Stable 10G/40G Network

The customer's core network has been upgraded to 100G, but the access and aggregation layer of the data center is still 10G. With rapid business growth, network expansion is crucial. However, the cost of laying new optical fiber cables is high and resources are limited. To meet the customer's needs, FS assigned a team of technical experts to customize a solution that enables 10G/40G single fiber network transmission up to 100km, utilizing existing fiber patch cables. This collaboration showcases FS professional expertise and service capabilities, and strengthens our partnership. We are committed to continuing to work closely with the customer to develop innovative solutions and drive mutual business growth in the future.


The client is a telecommunications operator in Jersey, which was established in the 1990s. While providing voice and data services to customers, it also provides alternative solution support for telecommunications operators in the Channel Islands. Clients have extensive experience in developing and managing private circuits based on Ethernet, SDH, MPLS, leased lines, LAN, IP, managed Internet access and managed voice. The built network can be seamlessly connected to major networks in the UK, Europe, and the world, providing customers with reliable, secure, resilient, and cost-effective connections, and is trusted by operators and enterprises.

"FS professional team developed an efficient and stable plan tailored to our needs, and delivered top-notch technical support and services. The plan significantly boosted our network transmission speed, greatly enhancing our business efficiency. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with FS. Thank you, FS, for your unwavering support and cooperation."-Mr. Sabri, CTO


  • Due to explosive business growth, the customer's current 10G bandwidth is insufficient to meet their transmission needs.

  • Data interruption has a great impact on the customer's business, and the customer requires extremely high network stability and reliability, and the data can be quickly restored after a network failure.

  • The customer needs dozens of engineers to maintain multiple sites in multiple countries. So they require easy operation and reduce operation & maintenance costs./p>


FMT Series Empower Stable 10G/40G Transmission within 100km

FS provides a high-speed optical fiber transmission solution for customers whose current 10G bandwidth is insufficient to meet their business development needs. This solution utilizes FMT series DWDM EDFA, DCM, OEO, and MPO/MTP to LC breakout harness cables, which enables 10G/40G data transmission over 100km over a single optical fiber. By leveraging FS solutions, customers can access higher bandwidth, faster data transmission speeds, and more stable network connections, ultimately enhancing their business development and competitiveness. This solution also makes single fiber optical networks possible, which helps to save fiber resources.

FS Intelligent Optical Line Protection System Facilitates Seamless Business Operations

Data interruptions have a significant impact on customer's business, making fast data disaster recovery critical in the event of a network failure. FS offers an intelligent optical line protection system that utilizes the BIDI optical line protection system. With two optical fibers required to realize optical path protection and transmission functions, and when the main optical fiber fails, it can quickly switch to the backup optical fiber for transmission. Through unified management and real-time monitoring of optical fibers, service interruptions can be effectively avoided. This solution significantly improves fiber cable utilization, reduces damage caused by natural disasters and humans, ensures link stability, and enables highly reliable data transmission with the quick restoration of damaged lines. This solution greatly improves customer's business performance and competitiveness.

Lowering Operation and Maintenance Costs for Multi-Site Network Management

More than 20 professional engineers are needed to maintain the network of multiple sites in multiple countries. Simple operation and maintenance are very important to the customer. FS provides a comprehensive solution for unified visual management through the web. Customers can easily view important data, alarms, and reports through monitoring and online management, either on-site or remotely, at any time. This allows for quick responses and the ability to solve network problems efficiently. By reducing the workload of operation and maintenance personnel, our solutions improve efficiency, reduce costs, and allow customers to focus on their core business challenges, enhancing their competitiveness. Our timely support services also help customers quickly resolve network issues and further reduce their operation and maintenance costs.


FS collaborated with a telecom operator in Jersey to provide an efficient and stable 40G single-fiber DWDM network solution within 100km, effectively supporting the customer's business development and competitiveness.

Throughout this partnership, we are always committed to our values of professionalism, focus, quality, and service, providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. Moving forward, we will continue to improve our technical strength and professional solutions to provide even better products and services to our customers. We believe that with our continued collaboration, we can create more efficient and stable network transmission solutions, providing even more powerful support for our customers' business development and competitiveness.

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