Posted on Jul 28, 2023
When setting up a business IT network, it is important to build one that is appropriate for your business needs. In the past months, FS has designed an efficient and smart SMB network for an Australian university that needs to set up a wired & wireless network in the new office.
  • Challenge 1
    WAPs, IP cameras, and IP phones must be placed alongside the wired infrastructure, to avoid ripping into walls and ceilings.
  • Challenge 2
    The customer seeks a stable & flexible converged network with high redundancy, easy management & maintenance, meeting ever-growing bandwidth demands.
  • Robust Redundancy: Ensuring Network Availability during Failures
    The whole network is a hyper-converged infrastructure that can provide abundant network redundancy. And since the core layer switches are connected through MLAG peer links, the network will not be interrupted even though one of the links is down (not the peer link). In other words, if one of the core layer switch breaks down, all its data will be transferred through the other core switch.
  • Future-Proof: Ample Ports for Added Terminal Devices
    The S5800-8TF12S switch at the core layer can support voice VLAN, which can meet the customer’s demand for using IP phones. And the S1600-48T4S is connected to the core layer through 10G uplinks using 10G Twinax DAC cables. Each PoE+ switches has 48 ports to connect with terminal devices such as computers, WAPs, and IP cameras.
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