Posted on Aug 7, 2023
There is no denying that DWDM technology has been the preferred solution for enterprises used in long-haul transmission for its unique advantages such as increasing bandwidth and maximum utilization of fiber. Our client needed a DWDM solution to achieve 10G data transmission, which allows network expansion in three sites.
  • Challenge 1
    The customer wanted to deploy a DWDM network, including 3 links among 3 sites.
  • Challenge 2
    Site A to B 16.8 km, Site B to C 26.05 km, Site A to C 42.85 km. And there was no power in site B.
  • Challenge 3
    Ensuring end-to-end connectivity to meet present and future business demands.
  • Efficient Long-Distance Network Transmission Across Three Sites
    In response to the customer's need to build three sites for network transmission, the FS technical team deployed two pairs of 16CH DWDM multiplexers/demultiplexers in the 42.85km long-distance transmission between site A and site C. And considering the customer's future network expansion, 8 channels are reserved between every two sites for future transmission.
  • EDFA Enhances Signal Transmission to Reduce Fiber Loss
    Due to the lack of power supply at site B and significant fiber loss during transmission, both site A and site C adopted EDFA. By introducing a preamplifier on the transmit side of the fiber end, the optical signal is enhanced.
  • Achieving Signal Adaptation to Ensure Transmission Efficiency
    To further improve the network transmission efficiency at customer B site, FS technical team installed optical attenuators. This ensured the signals transmitted by the switch were consistent with those from A to C sites, achieving EDFA gain equalization. Additionally, an attenuator was added after the OPA to keep the TX value of the 10G DWDM transceiver within the proper range.
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