FS 10G DWDM Solution Ensures Stable Transmission and Easy Maintenance for ISP


The customer company is positioned as a market leader in providing bespoke Lawful Interception and Data Retention systems as well as providing other highly advanced anti-fraud and security systems for some of the largest network providers in the world.


1. The customer desires a cost-effective solution that maximizes benefits while minimizing costs.

2. Ensuring secure and stable transmission is a top priority for the customer. They want to safeguard data to ensure uninterrupted business operations and data integrity.

3. Being a first-time user, the customer seeks a user-friendly solution that is easy to install, maintain, and operate. They prefer simplicity and ease of use.


High-Density Design and Low IL FS FMT Series Ensure Secure and Stable Transmission

Currently, the customer needs to transmit 2CH*10G services between two sites with only two fibers available, at a distance of 30km. FS provides an optical transmission solution using the FMT system with BIDI OLP, splitter devices, and other equipment to ensure stable and secure transmission with redundancy backup.

This solution utilizes BIDI OLP fiber protection to monitor signal wavelengths on a single fiber link and is matched with an FMT chassis for real-time monitoring of optical power status on primary and backup fibers, enabling automatic switching. With the solution, secure and stable transmission is guaranteed, and limited fiber resources are efficiently utilized through bidirectional transmission on a single fiber.

FS FMT Series

FS Integrated FMT Platform Offers User-Friendly Management and Monitoring

As an integrated transmission system for metropolitan area networks, the FS FMT platform incorporates small-form-factor OEO, EDFA, DCM, OLP, and other devices into standard rack units with user-friendly software for improved management and monitoring. It offers modular client architecture for network and online management software, enabling easy deployment and real-time visualization through a graphical user interface (UI). Customers can conveniently access important data, alarms, and reports on-site or remotely, making it a convenient and efficient solution for their needs.

Responsive OEM Solution Service with Attention to Detail and Customized Support

FS offers a responsive OEM solution service, guiding customers from information collection to delivery. We ensure attention to detail and are always available to address inquiries and adjust solutions to meet customer satisfaction. Additionally, FS provides physical connection diagrams for intuitive understanding.

In this solution, the FS team organizes remote meetings with customers to efficiently gather network information and provide targeted suggestions within 30 minutes. We are also conducting on-site surveys to assess network deployment and discuss specific needs and follow-up solutions in person.

Responsive OEM Solution Service

Customer Benefits

“FS provided us with an outstanding FMT fiber protection system that has greatly improved our network stability and security. Their team was professional, attentive, and always ready to answer our questions. We are very satisfied with the service and would definitely recommend FS to anyone looking for high-quality network solutions.” --Josip Duricic(CTO)

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