FS 800G Optical Modules Takes an Internet Enterprise's Data Center to the Next Level

"We are very grateful for the 800G data center optical module solution and FS's comprehensive technical support and services, which provided great convenience and support during the project implementation, successfully achieving 800G high-speed interconnection. We look forward to continuing collaboration with FS in the future to jointly promote the development of the Internet industry." - Matthias(Senior Architect)


The client is a leading global supplier of enterprise management software and solutions, headquartered in Germany, with a worldwide presence. Products and services include enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, human resource management, financial management, enterprise performance management, customer relationship management, and more, supporting companies in various industries worldwide.

Client Needs & Challenges

A high-speed, stable, and flexible network infrastructure is necessary to cope with the fast-growing business. The client plans to build a new data center, all using 800G to 800G point-to-point connection to provide stable and reliable support. There are high expectations of the capacity, cost, power consumption, and quality of optical modules, and real-time monitoring and managing network equipment to ensure proper functioning. The client hopes for suitable products and supply chains with fast and stable delivery.


The solution adopts 800G optical modules for the entire program, 800G 2xFR4/2xLR4 modules for interconnection between the spine and core switch, and 800G DR8 or 800G SR8 for interconnection between TOR and leaf switch. The full implementation of 800G deployment meets the client's fast-growing business demand, improves operation efficiency and stability, and reduces maintenance costs and risks.

Robust Supply Chain and Global Warehouse Management System to Ensure Delivery

The production and testing for 800G optical modules are more complex, requiring higher-level technology and tighter quality control. Clients are concerned it might affect project schedules, placing higher standards on supply chain deliveries. FS has a robust supply chain system. The high-performance 800G pluggable optical module, launched in 2021, has achieved small volume production in the first quarter of 2022. The module uses the self-developed 53G EML laser to provide higher modulation rates and more stable performance. In addition, FS ensures the supply through automated production lines, standardized testing processes, and comprehensive quality controls and provides technical support and services during the project implementation. Furthermore, FS is driven by information and digitization, using warehouse management and replenishment systems to guarantee stocks and through a series of localization layouts and service centers to meet the client's demand for technical support and fast delivery. FS dispels clients' worries and has convinced them to choose FS's 800G optical module solutions.

Supply Chain

High-density Packaging with Proprietary Chips Builds a High-bandwidth Network, Easy to Cope with Business Growth

As a large Internet enterprise, the client needs to handle a massive volume of data. Explosive business growth requires higher bandwidth and faster processing speed in the data center. So the client plans fully upgrade to 800G. FS provides a full range of 800G optical modules with a high-density QSFP-DD800 package, which improves the port's density and enhances transmission capacity. The modules carry the most advanced 7nm 800G DSP chip and offer multiple connectors. 800G DR8 OSFP modules use MPO-16 or dual MPO-12 connectors and are backward compatible with 400GbE DR4 modules. 800G-2xFR4 OSFPs modules use duplex LC connectors and are backward compatible with 400GbE FR4 modules. FS meets the client's expectations for higher bandwidth in data centers while supporting rapid and sustainable business growth.

High-density Packaging with Proprietary Chips

Real-time Monitoring and Diagnostic Functions Enable Efficient O&M

Stable data center operation and maintenance efficiency are critical for large Internet enterprises. Any failure could lead to network interruption and data leakage, causing severe economic losses. For this reason, the client expects to have real-time monitoring and diagnostic functions to fully grasp network conditions, performance indicators, and failures for timely warning and problem-solving. FS's 800G optical modules support CMIS5.0 module monitoring interface specification, which provides comprehensive O&M support. It enables the client's staff to keep track of the real-time working status and troubleshoot problems quickly.

Real-time Monitoring and Diagnostic Functions

Client Benefits

FS's 800G optical modules have excellent and stable transmission performance but also support real-time status monitoring and diagnostic functions, providing efficient O&M assurance. Professional technical support and services, localized layout, and on-time delivery capability enhance client satisfaction and confidence during the project. The cooperation with FS has enabled the client to successfully establish a highly efficient and stable 800G data center, achieving rapid response to business growth and improving competitiveness in the whole industry.

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