Posted on Aug 7, 2023
A local Telecom Service Provider in Singapore took on a security project for an exhibition center, aiming for prompt upgrades and network redeployment to avoid disruptions during scheduled events. FS conducted on-site surveys to understand the venue layout and existing equipment, then designed a security surveillance solution using HD cameras, storage, and decoding devices. Compliant with regulations, the solution ensured the safety of visitors and staff, facilitating successful and valuable exhibitions.
  • Challenge 1
    Varied detection needs span different application scenarios, requiring specific camera types for each entry/exit point.
  • Challenge 2
    To enhance the surveillance, updating old devices with high-definition and precise imaging cameras is necessary.
  • Challenge 3
    Achieving unified management for diverse camera brands and models while ensuring extended storage time and sufficient capacity.
  • One-Stop Service with Precise Surveys
    Given the project's urgency, FS local solution manager, along with the delivery manager, promptly conducted on-site surveys within 24 hours to understand specific monitoring needs at each entrance. They tailored the best camera options, including indoor, outdoor, high-resolution, and long-range monitoring cameras, to meet different scene demands.
  • Enhanced Security with High-Definition Cameras
    FS security solution includes IPC104-5M-D and IPC425-8M-P HD cameras, enhancing monitoring image quality. IPC104-5M-D uses 3D DNR technology for noise reduction and performs well in complete darkness with intelligent infrared up to 30m/98ft. IPC425-8M-P features an 8MP zoom lens, intrusion, and boundary alerts, preventing crime and ensuring exhibition center security.
  • Seamless Compatibility, Unified Management
    To ensure abundant storage space and data redundancy, the solution utilizes the VS-6048D storage device, providing up to 48 14TB hard drives for extended storage and data protection. It supports ONVIF protocol, allowing seamless integration of third-party devices for centralized camera control. Additionally, the NVD3512-12M decoder is fully compatible with FS and other brands' cameras.
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