FS Assists a Large Broadcasting Company to Upgrade to a Stable and Efficient Network

Posted on May 25, 2023


Our client (hereinafter called "The Client"), a broadcasting company, provides online news, sports content reports, and on-demand services. It provides 29 language websites and is one of the most visited news websites in the world.

"I think the price is good, and the feature set is just right for us. We need to do some integration work with our control systems – and I’m looking forward to taking a look at your API – it looks an awful lot easier than Cisco SNMP!! One of the things I like is that we have really good access to you and your team – this is something we definitely don’t have with Cisco/HP/Arista/Juniper.'' — Eric (Senior Electronics Engineer)

Customer Needs & Challenges

The Client's network needs and challenges are multifaceted. On the one hand, they need to provide high-quality audio and video services, so they need to establish an efficient and stable network infrastructure. On the other hand, they need to cope with the ever-increasing data traffic and ensure data security and reliability.

To meet these demands and challenges, The Client needs to build a comprehensive network infrastructure, including network architecture design, server deployment, network security, data backup, recovery, etc. In addition, according to the specific needs of customers, The Client also needs to establish different network deployment solutions.

The Client's specific needs and challenges are:

  • Old devices are outdated, bandwidth can't meet demand, and inexplicable restarts.

  • Tech problems, like software operation.

  • Hope for 1-week delivery to ensure on-time project completion & quick use.

The Solution

FS upgrades The Client's outdated equipment, increases network bandwidth, improves network speed, uses digital methods to transmit audio signals, and provides high-quality audio and video services.

Quick response, quick solution — FS professional technical support helps network upgrade

Customers are looking for an efficient partner to improve their network experience and provide effective solutions in a short period of time to improve cost-effectiveness and maximize return on investment. After careful evaluation of the existing network infrastructure, FS provided a set of advanced solutions.

By adopting advanced S5860-20SQ core switches and S3410-10TF-P and S3910-48TS access switches for networking, the network was successfully integrated. The export bandwidth has been increased from 10G to 40G, achieving significant performance improvement. In addition, by clearly defining the roles of different switches, the network networking process becomes simplified and efficient, bringing a more convenient and high-quality network experience.

FS case study

These devices have the characteristics of supporting IP audio protocol and high reliability, such as VLAN, QoS, stacking, etc. At the same time, these devices have multiple redundancy and fault tolerance mechanisms, such as dual power supplies, redundant fans, link aggregation, VRRP, etc., which can ensure the high reliability and stability of the network. Through these improvements, the customer's website user experience has been qualitatively improved, while effectively reducing costs and maximizing investment returns.

Professional technical support, complete solutions, and high-quality customer experience

In order to meet The Client's demand for high-speed and stable transmission of audio data, FS recommends upgrading its network equipment to better support the transmission of IP audio protocols. By digitally transmitting audio signals, the efficiency and stability of audio transmission can be significantly improved and delays can be reduced.

FS Assists a large broadcasting company to upgrade to a stable and efficient network

As a professional technical support service provider, FS's technical expert team has an in-depth understanding of customer demands through efficient video conferences, so as to provide customers with customized solutions. Help customers better understand FS products, and provide corresponding demo network management software drills to help customers better use our products. The FS expert team will respond to customer needs end-to-end in the shortest possible time and provide customers with comprehensive solutions. After the project is delivered, we will continue to provide valuable services and high-quality experience to ensure the smooth execution of the project and achieve the expected goals.

The global warehouse has sufficient stock and fast delivery to help customers quickly change their appearance

In order to meet The Client's needs for fast delivery, we have deployed localized warehousing service centers in the United States, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Japan, etc., and cooperate with international logistics and local express companies to ensure transportation efficiency and cargo safety. Such a global localized warehousing service center works closely with partners to provide strong support for the rapid implementation of customer projects. We are well aware of customers' concerns about fast delivery and have always put customer needs first. By optimizing warehousing and logistics services, we can improve transportation efficiency and cargo safety to ensure that customers receive an excellent delivery experience, and in the highly competitive market achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

FS Assists a large broadcasting company to upgrade to a stable and efficient network

The Benefits

It is FS's commitment to customers to tailor-made network upgrade solutions for customers and to incorporate customer needs and suggestions into design considerations in real time. Customer-centric is the service tenet of FS.

Eric, Senior Electronics Engineer of The Client, has been thinking for a long time about how to realize modern production and intelligent office. However, outdated network equipment and limited budgets prevented these ideas from being implemented. After using FS upgrade solution, "intelligent production, collaborative office" can be realized.

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