Posted on Aug 9, 2023
The client is a medium-sized US satellite TV service provider that also offers mobile phone and internet services, serving a total of 24 million users. FS's low-cost 5G passive WDM solution can not only meet users' multiple demands at low cost but also meet the requirements for the development of 5G sites and ensure the stable and reliable operation of 5G networks.
  • Challenge 1
    The existing 5G sites can not meet traffic demand. Existing optical fiber resources are insufficient,and building new optical fibers requires a significant investment.
  • Challenge 2
    Due to the complex outdoor environment, Customers have high requirements for product performance and cost performance.
  • Challenge 3
    Due to the remote base site and poor power supply conditions, the construction of electricity is difficult and costly.
  • Reducing Upgrade Cost: Using Single Optical Fiber to Transmit Multiple Optical Signals
    FS uses the existing tower to install 5G AAU, uses a 25G CWDM color optical module, and couples multiple optical signals to the same optical fiber for transmission through a wavelength division multiplexer. This solution eliminates the need for new optical cable lines and can reduce the cost of 5G site upgrades, increase network capacity, and expand signal coverage.
  • Provide Stable, Reliable and Highly Compatible Optical Transmission Products and Solutions
    FS can provide customers with stable, reliable, and cost-effective products that can maintain long-term operation capabilities. FS's self-developed 25G DBF chip can increase the core competitiveness of the product. FS's 25G CWDM module provides extended temperature, superior compatibility, can meet the complex and changeable application environment, and maintains network stability.
  • Reduce Construction Difficulty and Cost:Using WDM Solution
    FS's passive WDM solution can solve the problem of insufficient power supply in the computer room, and FS directly fans out the optical fiber line and connects it to the AUU through the wavelength division multiplexing equipment, thus avoiding complex power scaling and machine building, effectively reducing construction costs and difficulty.
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