Posted on Jun 21, 2023
The customer is a small to medium-sized shopping center located in Texas. Regular events and promotional activities make it an ideal destination for families seeking shopping and entertainment opportunities. The situation in the shopping center is complex and the flow of people is large, so it is necessary to adopt advanced monitoring technology and automatic management system.
  • Challenge 1
    A lot of human resources were needed to monitor the internal and external environment, pedestrian flow and traffic flow of the shopping center, which was inefficient
  • Challenge 2
    High personnel mobility, diverse personnel types, frequent conflicts among individuals occurred and it was difficult to trace and investigate the truth.
  • Challenge 3
    The shopping center warehouse was high-risk and required intrusion and fire prevention, as well as timely detection of abnormalities.
  • FS Security Monitoring System Helps Achieve Non-destructive Manual Management
    Aiming at the complex environment of shopping centers, FS provides a complete monitoring system that includes access control systems, IPC devices, NVR storage devices, and display control devices to effectively manage the safety issues of shopping centers. The system allows remote access to monitoring images via a mobile app and can connect up to 128 front-end IPC devices for centralized management of IPC and storage.
  • Efficient Integrated Solution for 24/7 Monitoring and Management
    FS uses a fisheye camera IPC301-5M-F and a 5x zoom hemisphere camera IPC305-5M-D to provide a full range of monitoring images for the shopping area. In addition, all-weather high-definition video monitoring IPC304-8M-B is used at the cash register to provide reliable evidence to solve subsequent transaction disputes. The monitoring center adopts front-end equipment management, which can view multi-camera monitoring images at the same time.
  • Intelligent Access Control Solution Ensures the Safety of Shopping Mall Warehouses
    FS intelligent security program adopts high definition fixed focus turret equipment, which is suitable for elevator and other narrow areas. The face recognition terminal supports 99.99% face recognition accuracy, and supports human liveness detection to achieve comprehensive control of personnel. The IPC device in the front end provides a clear picture and intelligent alarm function of the perimeter, which can detect potential risks in time.
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