Campus Wireless Solution Helps a large hotel with wireless network optimization


A major hotel is a five-star hotel of international standard. It features 500 spacious, comfortable, and elegant hotel rooms and 400 affordable all-suite apartments. It aims to provide business travelers with value-for-money meticulous services and create a warm home for all guests.

"As the core system of hotel room networks, wireless networks can be a marketing tool while satisfying guests' access to hotel resources and Internet resources. With FS Airware cloud management platform, we can provide high-quality Wi-Fi while carrying out membership promotions and various marketing promotions, and evaluate the service and marketing effects, which greatly enhance the competitiveness of the hotel"." - Lucas Jenkins (IT)

Customer Needs & Challenges

Faced with the fact that people are more and more accustomed to using various intelligent mobile terminals to access the Internet anytime and anywhere, whether hotels can provide convenient wireless networks for business travelers to meet this "basic need" of guests is gradually becoming one of the competitiveness of the hotel industry, and this is also the key project of Brilliance Hotel Changsha in the network construction.

"According to the business characteristics of the hotel, we divided the network construction into four components, including the business network which carries the hotel office management, the guest room network which provides wired and wireless access services for the guests, the HD network which provides the video-on-demand platform for the hotel rooms, and the equipment network which provides support for IP video monitoring and security. At the same time, we hope all four sets of networks can achieve high reliability, high security and intelligent operation and maintenance management, so that guests can experience wireless network services anywhere in the hotel." When introducing the project requirements, the relevant person in charge of the hotel especially pointed out the core requirement of guest experience first.

The Solution

The FS Wi-Fi 6 hotel solution extends the hotel's wireless coverage while maintaining aesthetic appeal, providing guests with a secure wireless network with assured satisfaction.

Strengthen hotel WiFi security and solve network security risks

The FS hotel wireless solution uses WPA3, RADIUS and other security protocols, and with the support of the FS cloud management system Airware, access control is performed on user access, authorization, network behavior monitoring and network attack prevention. In the hotel WiFi network, users need to enter personal identity information or room number for login verification to ensure that only legitimate guests can access the network. This login verification mechanism can prevent unauthorized users from maliciously accessing the network and protect users' private information from being stolen or abused. At the same time, the hotel can monitor and manage network traffic according to the login verification information, discover and prevent any possible network attacks in time, and improve the security of the hotel WiFi network. This setting can not only provide hotels with more reliable network security protection, but also provide guests with a safer and more secure network environment.


The service is "relaxed" and the guests are satisfied

In the early stage of the project construction, the technical staff of the hotel conducted a lot of market research, and at the same time required the service provider to provide a complete design plan, and invited professionals to conduct a strict review. FS won with the network construction concept of "Yiwang" star hotel.

"Yiwang" means "the service is comfortable and content, and the guests are relaxed and happy". Taking wireless network construction as an example, it is required to cover hotel lobbies, catering, conferences, leisure and entertainment, and guest rooms. The platform needs to have good signal coverage, high speed, and a stable access experience. In this regard, FS adopts the scenario-based wireless deployment method, and uses the intelligent distribution solution to meet the hotel's needs for wireless network signal, performance, deployment, and aesthetics.

Specifically, in hotel public areas, restaurants, theaters, exhibition areas, conference venues, and leisure areas, wireless APs equipped with FS smart antennas, combined with reasonable planning of different public area structures, realize that the signal moves with the terminal, and the AP is comprehensively reduced. Interference problems encountered during operation. At the same time, through load-balancing technology based on traffic and people flow, the high-density access of guests in conference and catering areas is realized, and intelligent network optimization technology is used to enable different types of terminals to enjoy the high-quality wireless experience.

free wifi

Aiming at the traditional wireless signal "blind spots" of hotel suites, FS has achieved full coverage of full signal through the wireless intelligent distribution solution, and solved the problem of wireless network access in rooms with small bays and multiple partitions. FS AP adopts a built-in intelligent power distribution module, which can process the transmission power of a single radio frequency card by 1 point. Compared with the traditional indoor distribution system, multi-level hardware power distribution units and coupling units are omitted. In addition, each smart point has eight antenna interfaces, and with the FS low-loss connection cable, the antenna can be extended to a room 15 meters away, and then wireless coverage can be achieved by beautifying the antenna, so that a single AP can pass through "1 minute 4 dual frequency The "dual-stream" deployment method satisfies high-throughput wireless application scenarios such as video-on-demand, online conferences, and ultra-fast downloads in guest rooms.

"Network speed, operation, and maintenance" on the stage, five-star network at your fingertips

Among all network-related experiences, guests are "picky" about Internet speed. For this reason, under the recommendation of FS network engineers, the hotel deployed an Airware cloud management system in the network, which automatically optimizes the wireless network signal to improve the guests' Internet experience through the intelligent network optimization function. In addition, through the "unified platform management", the hotel network equipment wired and wireless integrated unified management, unified display, and unified alarm, so that the hotel IT operations and maintenance staff find network failure hidden problems in advance, significantly reducing the occurrence of business systems and guest room network repair situations.

Airware cloud management system

The Benefits

A major hotel praised the wireless network construction and value-added services provided by FS as an outstanding five-star hotel with world-class restaurants, exquisite design, luxurious linens, and excellent customer service. Moreover, the wireless network design solution provided by FS allows hotel guests to truly experience seamless and consistent wireless connectivity no matter where they are.

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