Posted on Aug 15, 2023
The client is a large online retailer that started in 2000 and is one of the leading e-commerce companies in Singapore. As an online retailer, it is committed to providing consumers with a convenient and high-quality shopping experience. FS helps our client build remote data center disaster recovery solutions with network disaster recovery capabilities. It provides them with safe and reliable data storage and business operation guarantees.
  • Challenge 1
    Traditional device management is too old and requires a more modern approach to device management.
  • Challenge 2
    Business continuity is required in the event of a natural disaster.
  • Challenge 3
    Retail websites will encounter a surge in network traffic and require a stable and high-speed network.
  • FS Network Management Platform, Multi-interface Operation
    Aiming at the problem of outdated equipment and inconvenient management, the FS network management platform simplifies data backup through automated tools, and real-time data synchronization to ensure the security of key data, and has a high degree of flexibility and scalability to meet business needs.
  • Optical Layer Network, Multi-board Configuration
    The MS8100 series optical layer basic unit of FS can provide high reliability, full-service connection, and efficient scheduling capability, which can not only reduce faults, and improve continuous service capability, but also ensure long-term stability and effectively avoid performance degradation.
  • High Speed, Large Capacity, Future Choice
    The MS8100 board of FS supports high-speed data transmission and large-capacity data storage, meeting the requirements of disaster recovery efficiency and data consistency. The ultra-large capacity transmission of the board can be expanded to a 40x 10G system. Its flexible scheduling capability can also improve disaster recovery efficiency.
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