Updated on Sep 20, 2023
The client is from the Netherlands, and their company specializes in designing, building, managing, and protecting digital infrastructure. Security is always the top priority of their ICT services.
  • Challenge 1
    Poor network stability and the inability to recover quickly during equipment failures leading to business disruptions.
  • Challenge 2
    Limited budget requires designing cost-effective network solutions and products within the constraints of the budget.
  • Challenge 3
    Customers require professional guidance from a technical team for solution design, business deployment and equipment configuration.
  • Enhancing Network Stability and Availability
    The stacking feature of FS switches allows multiple switches to collaborate under high-bandwidth connections, forming a logical unit for high network stability and data integrity, thus enhancing business continuity. When one switch experiences a failure, the other switches automatically take over its duties, ensuring continuous network operation and preventing data loss. Additionally, the LACP increases link bandwidth, enabling mutual backup of links. Furthermore, the dual power supplies of the switches offer dual power protection.
  • Cost-effective Equipment Contributes to Cost Control
    FS switches, such as the S5860-20SQ, S3900-24T4S-R, and S3410-24TS-P, all support stacking, LACP, IPv4/IPv6, and various other rich features. With their abundant capabilities and competitive pricing, they become a cost-effective choice that better meets the needs of customer data center management networks while helping customers manage their budgets effectively.
  • FS Offers Free Solution Design and Technical Support
    FS provides customers with a professional technical support team and personalized customer manager services. This allows us to tailor expert product and technical solutions based on the customer's network requirements and budget. Additionally, we offer remote technical configuration services, which saves customers time, and provides a hassle-free experience for switch configuration and efficient technical support.
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