FS Data Center Solution Helps Research Institution Achieve Digital Transformation

"If you're searching for a proficient and reliable network product supplier, FS is the company you can't afford to ignore. Not only have I experienced their speedy delivery service, but I've also benefited from their comprehensive service guarantee. FS is more than just a supplier, they're a trustworthy and dependable partner."
——Alessandro (IT-Administrator)


The customer is a research institution, established in Rome in 1913, specializing in the study of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, with the desire to present to the world the rich and varied cultural heritage of these periods. In this Internet age, the improvement of work efficiency and digital transformation are becoming more and more important, so the customer found FS. The data center solution provided by FS successfully solved the customer's network performance bottleneck and power shortage problems, and significantly improved network stability.

Customer Needs & Challenges

As a professional research organization, the customer required a high-speed, stable, and reliable network to support their daily work. The networks they used suffer from frequently dropped connections, network congestion, and data loss, hindering normal workflow. They also sought real-time network monitoring to promptly fix potential problems and improve network performance and reliability. Due to these issues, the research institute urgently needed to upgrade its data center network. While working with another well-known IT vendor in the industry, the customer found significant delays in the performance of the vendor's equipment, which prompted the customer's decision to turn to FS for a solution.

The Solution

FS provided the customer with top-quality service and solutions. From requirements analysis to solution design, to final product delivery, this allows customer projects to land at least six months in advance. The FS solution has greatly improved the network capacity of the research institute, and the customer has also achieved more scientific research results.

Empowering WIFI 6 AP with S5860-24XB-U Upgrade

After the customer replaced all wireless devices with WIFI6, the devices connected to the AP still have a 1000M link. The serious impact of wired transmission on wireless transmission performance has caused a performance bottleneck to the customer's business. When customer service was in peak period, the power supply required by the AP also increased dramatically. Due to insufficient POE power supply performance, a large number of network disconnections were caused.

Based on this background, FS recommended the S5860-24XB-U switch to the customer. The ports of the S5860-24XB-U support multiple rates, just matching the APs of various rates in the customer environment. In addition, a single port of the S5860-24XB-U supports a maximum power supply of 90W, which will not cause the device to go offline due to a sudden increase in the power of the AP at the customer's site. By monitoring the customer's subsequent usage, the switch has helped the customer's wireless network performance to be significantly improved. At the same time, the POE power supply performance of the switch was guaranteed, and the stability of the AP has also been greatly improved, and there would be no disconnection.


Uplink Upgrade for Zero Service Interruption

According to the feedback from customer, they experienced frequent network outages during peak business periods, which prevented the employees from accessing their internal ERP and NAS systems. After conducting a network inspection, FS engineers discovered that the root cause of the issue was an insufficient uplink bandwidth. To address the problem, we prioritized the N8560-48BC switch that features 25G ports in our solution design. By connecting the uplink interface of the access layer switch S5860-24XB-U to the N8560-48BC, we were able to increase the original uplink rate from 10G to 25G. Following the project implementation, the traffic monitoring indicated that congested traffic from before could be forwarded without blocking the current 25G link, eliminating any business interruptions. Since this solution has been implemented, employees have reported no further lagging or connectivity issues when accessing their ERP and NAS systems.


Airware Helps Customers Visualize Their Networks

In the previous networking, once the wireless signal was interrupted or the AP was disconnected in the customer's research institution, it would take a long time for the customer to troubleshoot the specific faulty device. Fortunately, FS Airware wireless network management software has intelligent network optimization, intelligent diagnosis and other functions, which can automatically optimize the customer's wireless network to ensure that the network is in the optimal state in real time. Additionally, when there is a failure such as AP disconnection in the customer network, airware will take the initiative to report to the customer, so that the customer can find the problem point the first time. From passive discovery of faults to active fault discovery, it has helped customers greatly shorten the time for troubleshooting and speed up the timeliness of problem solving.

FS Airware

The Benefits

During the entire service process, FS quickly responded to the urgent needs of customers, provided intelligent network solutions, and helped customers solve problems such as performance bottlenecks and insufficient power supply in the network. After the network transmission rate and stability have been efficiently upgraded, the daily work of research institutions has also been effectively guaranteed. On the other hand, the Airware management software provided by FS can keenly discover and warn of network faults, further improving the management and maintenance efficiency of research institutions. FS has always been committed to providing customers with fast and efficient services, and constantly improving the reliability and intelligence of solutions to cope with complex and changeable network environments.

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