Posted on Jul 14, 2023
The customer, an office software and service provider, needs an intelligent office network. FS developed a comprehensive cabling solution to meet their needs, achieving successful enterprise office networks.
  • Challenge 1
    More devices in the office area cause poor internet experience.
  • Challenge 2
    Outdated wiring products and poor knowledge result in unstable networks.
  • Challenge 3
    Strict confidentiality demands high intranet data security.
  • Efficient Online Meetings Promote the Rapid Implementation of Cabling Solutions
    The expanding office network needs to be upgraded to meet the growing business demands. The FS team used two S5860-20SQ switches with better performance to stack as core switches to increase bandwidth and ensure network security.The team designed a cabling solution based on the topology diagram and generated a heat map, satisfying the customer's needs.
  • High-Performance Copper Cable Wiring Solution Ensures Network Stability
    FS's solution team chose cost-effective Cat6 Ethernet products for stable network cabling. Cat6 bulk cabling and RJ45 connectors connect network information points to office equipment, ensuring faster and more stable connections. Ultra-fine Cat6 cables are used for space limitations. Intelligent devices reduce personnel inspections and post-maintenance costs.
  • Certified Fluke Networks-Cable Testing Ensures High-Performance Network Cables
    FS conducts Fluke Networks-Cable Testing on wiring to ensure quality and performance, including NEXT, PS NEXT, ACR-F, PS ACR-F, ACR-N, PS ACR-N, and RL, providing test reports for higher stability and durability
  • One-Stop Thoughtful Service, Enabling Customers to Achieve Successful Office Networking
    The FS solution team provided customers with installation guidance manuals and remote assistance. They recorded and shared all customer problems, tested equipment and addressed questions, satisfying customers with one-stop service.
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