Posted on Oct 5, 2023
Our client's company is a global culture and entertainment industry conglomerate with products and operations in over 100 countries and regions. It is a leading developer and operator in the online gaming sector. FS offers a CDN data center solution to provide customers with high bandwidth, low latency, precise forwarding, and a reliable network experience with zero packet loss, enhancing the gaming experience and services for gamers.
  • Challenge 1
    The latency in-game access and screen lagging result in a poor user gaming experience.
  • Challenge 2
    Low bandwidth utilization due to bandwidth differences and link limitations of different carriers in CDN networks.
  • Challenge 3
    Deployment of border routers and maintenance of CDN networks is costly and expensive.
  • 100G High Bandwidth for a Smoother Network Experience
    FS utilizes 100G high-bandwidth switches for network configuration. It employs PBR policy routing for directed forwarding and QoS technology to prioritize game-related processes. This addresses issues such as insufficient network bandwidth, high packet loss, network jitter, congestion, and ultimately enhances game smoothness and stability, leading to increased player satisfaction.
  • Automated High-Precision Bandwidth for Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement
    The FS technical team uses a traffic monitoring system with NetConf interfaces for automated traffic status queries and scheduling strategies. This allows for precise control of outbound bandwidth, increasing utilization from 85% to 95%. This translates to cost savings and improved efficiency for our customers.
  • Low-Cost, High-Value Solutions for Enhanced Profitability
    The FS team replaces the customer's edge routers with the NC8200-4TD switch in their CDN data center. This switch supports various network cards, facilitating cost-effective network expansion without new construction. It lowers CDN data center construction costs while boosting profitability.
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