Posted on Jul 14, 2023
It is a leading operator in the energy transport sector, committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable maritime transport services. But the ships' special environment makes public networks inadequate for communication needs. FS's solution provides stable network, security, and improves crew life and company collaboration efficiency.
  • Challenge 1
    Satellite networks' limited bandwidth affects transmission stability.
  • Challenge 2
    Remote monitoring and troubleshooting onboard network failures poses dual inconveniences.
  • Challenge 3
    It is necessary to protect ships and remote assets from the impact of network risks.
  • Uninterrupted Network Connectivity Leads to Dual Life and Work Convenience
    Ships' special environment causes IT system instability, hindering crew communication. To optimize the network, FS implemented measures such as switch stacking, link aggregation, and traffic control. FS also prioritizes quality and compliance with certifications and shipping tests to ensure equipment reliability and stability, reducing operation and maintenance problems.
  • Airware Cloud Management Platform Enables Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
    The Airware cloud platform remotely configures and deploys equipment quickly. It also offers cloud troubleshooting, reducing operation and maintenance difficulty and cost. FS provides technical training services to help crew members and engineers master relevant skills and knowledge for better problem-solving.
  • Multiple Defensive Barriers to Safeguard IT Systems on Ships
    FS establishes multiple defensive barriers to protect ship IT systems from threats. NSG-3100 firewall identifies and prevents high-risk application threats and controls access to authorized personnel, ensuring system security. It builds secure network channels for resource sharing and unified management, ensuring secure data transmission and efficient ship operations.
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