Posted on Aug 3, 2023
The client is a multinational proprietary company in the United States, which is a landline and telecommunications service provider. Additionally, it provides services for broadband TV and subscription television. FS 5G dual fiber direct drive solution not only meets users' increasing demand for 5G wireless network data traffic, but also meets telecommunications operators' requirements for network delay, service coverage and efficient transmission services.
  • Challenge 1
    The increasing number of 5G terminal users has led to a surge in network transmission demands for media and other content, resulting in frequent network congestion. The need for additional base stations has become urgent, but the costs are very high.
  • Challenge 2
    The environment for the deployment of base stations is diverse, with a wide geographical span, which poses significant challenges to their construction.
  • Challenge 3
    5G base stations are widely distributed, making their maintenance challenging, and as a result, the associated maintenance costs are also very high.
  • Reducing Upgrade Costs: Installing 5G AAU
    FS uses the existing towers to install 5G AAU, and uses 6 dual-fiber optical cables that have been laid between the tower and the equipment room DU to build a 5G dual-fiber bidirectional fronthaul network, which enhances network capacity and coverage. This can help the customer minimize the additional costs of equipment and materials.
  • Reducing Construction Costs: Adopting 5G Fronthaul Solution
    FS adopts 5G dual-fiber direct drive point-to-point transmission solution, which has a simple network structureand is easy to oprate. It also improves the convenience of construction and management.
  • Reducing Post-Maintenance Costs: Building A Stable 5G Signal Path
    FS provides types of 25G LR Lite/LR/ER modules according to different distances, which meets customers' requirements. The industrial modules selected provide customers with support for ultra-high and low temperature application scenarios and direct supervision of DDM information of the optical module, which meets the application environment requirements of outdoor base stations and provides customers with network stability and reliability.
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