FS Enables Efficient Cabinets Layout and Space Utilization for New Data Centers in the ISP Industry


The customer company is a network technology company based in California, USA, with branches in Germany, Australia, Singapore, China, and other locations. Their main business is to provide simple, scalable, and cloud-managed network solutions, including wireless networks, wired networks, security firewalls, etc. The customer is expanding their business and requires the construction of a new data center in China.


1. With the rapid development of business, efficient cabinet layout, optimized power management, and ensuring the security and convenience of the data center are of paramount importance during the construction process.

2. Outsourced installation companies are expensive and unfamiliar with FS product installation requirements, which leads to the failure to guarantee the installation quality and the potential safety risk of product damage.


FS adopts GR600 cabinets and other cable management equipment to efficiently utilize cabinet space, ensuring the successful construction and operation of the data center.

High-Performance GR600 Cabinet and Equipment for Secure and Efficient Layout of Data Center

FS provides a series of solutions, including cabinet, cable management, and power management tailored to the customer's needs for business expansion.

Firstly, FS recommends a 42U GR600 cabinet with a mesh door design that enhances airflow between the front and rear doors. The front and rear doors are lockable to ensure equipment security, and the cabinet is also equipped with removable and lockable side panels, improving convenience for installation and maintenance, and ensuring efficient operation and heat dissipation in the data center.

In addition, FS offers an advanced 3-phase 32A/380V switched PDU power management device that supports local and remote monitoring. This PDU device can real-time monitor current and voltage, prevent circuit overload, and is equipped with independent socket monitoring and sensors for detecting surrounding temperature and humidity, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply for data centers.

Furthermore, FS also provides vertical cable management solutions, such as vertical cable managers, which occupy only half the space of traditional cable management systems, leaving more space for equipment products to be used, and providing efficient cable management solutions for data centers.

GR600 Cabinet

FS Professional Installation Services Ensure Smooth Operation and Deployment

To ensure product performance and quality, the customer needed to ensure installation according to product specifications to guarantee optimal performance and required a smooth installation process to put the products into operation seamlessly.

FS dispatched an experienced team of engineers to provide on-site installation services, including the installation and commissioning of 4*GR600 server cabinets, 16 switches with patch panels, adapter panels, cable management racks, and PDUs, ensuring an efficient installation process. Besides, FS provided training and technical support to help the customer become familiar with equipment usage and maintenance, improving management efficiency and self-maintenance capabilities while reducing operational costs. This ensured the successful completion of the new data center project, enabling the customer to start operations with high returns and rapid development.

Installation Services

Customer Benefits

"Thank you very much for the strong assistance of the FS team's two engineers. They were professional and efficient, providing our data center with a secure and reliable layout and power management. We are very satisfied!" --Andy(Procurement Supervisor)

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