Posted on Jun 27, 2023
The client is a large financial company in the United States, who needs to handle a large amount of customer transaction data in a high-availability and high-security environment to ensure business growth. FS provides the customer with accurate forwarding and determinable network experience with large bandwidth, low latency, and zero packet loss.
  • Challenge 1
    With the cloud of services and the upgrade of application architecture, the original three-tier architecture could not meet the requirements of data centers.
  • Challenge 2
    During data backup, it was common to encounter backup failures due to high latency.
  • Challenge 3
    Diversified services and massive data required high bandwidth and low latency equipment to meet the needs of the rapid development of diversified services.
  • Architecture Flexibility to Make the Network Easier
    The fabric architecture of the data center used by the FS technical team uses a hierarchical structure design, which can add or remove network nodes as needed to achieve rapid expansion and contraction. At the same time, this architecture also uses programmable network devices and API interfaces, which can better meet customer's different network needs and challenges, and also facilitate customer's subsequent network expansion.
  • Make the Network More Reliable
    FS uses EBGP/ECMP technology between the Spine-leaf layers to achieve network redundancy and M-LAG technology at the Leaf layer to achieve network redundancy. In this way, the reliability of the network can be improved, the continuity of business can be guaranteed, and the stability and reliability of the data center network operation can be greatly improved.
  • High bandwidth and low latency make the network smoother
    FS uses a 4U chassis design to build a data center network for customers. This chassis supports 2 subcards, 100G and 400G ports to meet customer's high bandwidth needs, and uses PFC/ECN and other network flow control technologies to achieve lower latency. This can improve the performance and responsiveness of applications for customer in areas such as financial transactions, thus creating greater value.
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