FS Fast and Reliable Fiber Optic Cabling System for 6-Story Building


Bentec Digital is a solution provider offering IT consulting and innovative and reliable services, software, and hardware solutions to businesses, which has completed thousands of projects for enterprise-level clients worldwide and is currently deploying DC projects for major companies such as Google and Microsoft. Bentec Digital needs to deliver a high-speed, stable, and reliable fiber optic cabling system for a new 6-story building deployed by SAFRA National Service Association in advance, to provide more efficient work and life experience, higher security and stability, lower maintenance costs, and greater return on investment.


1. Difficulties in selecting appropriate product combinations for a complete fiber-optic cabling installation in a new 6-story building.

2. SAFRA has high requirements for project delivery and a tight project schedule.

3. Limited technical staff, customers seek external partners.


FS provides a reliable one-stop fiber cabling solution to support Bentec Digital's network needs, including high-density and cost-effective fiber adapter panels, fiber optic cassettes, fiber optic enclosures, and patch cords, offering stable and fast data transmission and equipment connection, ensuring high-speed and efficient performance.

On-site Meetings with Quick Confirmation of the Solution

Bentec Digital had trouble choosing between conventional FHU products or FHD high-density products due to unfamiliarity with the chassis configuration and confirming the quantity and specifications of cable management assemblies.

FS team met with the customer on-site, reviewed project drawings, introduced product and solution applications, provided a customized FHD high-density solution, and answered questions patiently. Through a brief 30-minute consultation, the customer efficiently confirmed the product list and usage details of FS products for their cabling project, improving project efficiency and quality while reducing time costs.

Adequate Inventory and Global Warehouses Ensure Rapid Delivery

As a project contractor, Bentec Digital needs to deploy fiber optic cabling quickly and efficiently to ensure the project is delivered on time. To overcome this challenge, they approached FS, which stores ample high-quality fiber optic products in its warehouses and has a professional technical support team for customer consultation and services.

FS's fiber optic cabling solution offers a wide range of high-quality products with ample inventory. Through localized warehousing and cooperation with international logistics and local express companies, FS arranges immediate delivery upon receiving an order, completing all product deliveries within a week. This saves customers time and costs while providing efficient and reliable services for successful project implementation.

Adequate Inventory

FS After-Sales Service Boosts Project Implementation Efficiency

To efficiently deploy fiber optic cabling with limited technical personnel is a major challenge faced by Bentec Digital in providing a new 6-story IT system for SAFRA. Through product training and after-sales technical support services provided by FS, Bentec Digital avoids the burden and uncertainty caused by limited technical personnel, improves implementation efficiency and accuracy, and reduces installation costs.

Customer Benefits

Bentec Digital combined FS's technical support services and local warehousing capabilities with their own needs and enjoyed highly competitive prices and rapid delivery with reliable quality assurance to guarantee the successful implementation of the fiber optic cabling system for SAFRA's new 6-story building.

"Thank you very much for bringing your team. I am very happy. Let us be partners for a long time. 😁">--Aras Sundram(Business Development Director)

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