FS FHD® Series Helps Multinational Internet Company Upgrade to High-Density 10G/40G Cabling


The client is a Europe-based Internet company with a global presence. With the rapid development of the Southeast Asian market in recent years, the company has established local sites and data centers in Singapore to cover the entire region.

FS.com FHD® fiber cabling solution helps the Internet company build an organized and reliable 10/40G fiber cabling in their Singapore branch. Thus, they can provide fast and cost-effective Internet services to business customers in Southeast Asia.


1. Business is growing rapidly and needs to carry larger user data. The current cabling system cannot carry network upgrades and expansions. Customers need a more flexible and standard structured cabling system.

2. Limited space, complex wiring with multiple brands, and many management nodes restrict the development of the enterprise.

3. The project cycle is tight, and the customer hopes to complete the upgrade within one month.


FS.com FHD® series products are a high-density, high-expandability, easy-to-use, and future-oriented structured integrated cabling solution. The solution supports 10G/40G/100G/200G upgrades. With just 2U space, it can accommodate up to 192-core wiring. And the core products of the solution, such as 12FMTPOM4, FHD-2MTP12LCDOM4A, and FHD-2UFCE, have sufficient inventory to support fast delivery.

Flexible Expansion & Rapid Deployment

Due to the rapid growth of business volume, the customer's current network is experiencing slow access and load issues. Therefore, an urgent upgrade and expansion of the data center network is required without affecting service operations.

To ensure a seamless customer experience, FS recommends the use of MTP® to replace the existing wiring system. By converting 12 Duplex LC cables into 2 MTP® cables through the MTP® to LC box, customers can upgrade from 1G/10G to 10G/40G/100G/200G without replacing MM cables, switches, and modules. Compared to traditional wiring operations, this method is simpler, more concentrated, and saves wiring space. It can flexibly respond to current and future expansion needs, allowing customers to achieve flexibility without affecting business interruption.

Simplified Operation and Maintenance with Ultra-High-Density Structured Design

The customer expressed concerns about the high operation and maintenance costs and low efficiency of their data center. Upon conducting an on-site survey, FS engineers discovered that the Singapore data center consisted of only 2 floors, each with limited cabinet space of 1,500 square meters. The current wiring system was complex, with inconsistent standards for multi-brand and multi-standard products. Furthermore, upgrades through new cabinets and data centers had resulted in more management nodes.

To address these challenges, FS recommends the FHD® series high-density products. The FHD-2UFCE distribution box can connect to 8MTP®-LC distribution boxes (FHD-2MTP12LCDOM4A), with each box containing 12 Duplex LC ports and 2 MTP® interfaces. This solution requires 2RU of space per 192 fiber connections, making it ideal for centralized and structured wiring applications. It simplifies installation and operation, increases flexibility and scalability, and significantly reduces operation and maintenance costs while saving space in the data center computer room.

FS Singapore Warehouse, Ensure Fast Delivery and Quick Response

The customer's business is growing rapidly, but the existing cabling system cannot bear the network upgrade and expansion, which affects the efficiency of operation and maintenance. The customer hopes to complete the optimization and transformation of the fiber optic system in a short time. However, most companies need at least two months to complete from survey to scheme design, operational implementation to final delivery.

After receiving the customer's demand, FS quickly organized a team of experts to go to the site for exploration, and provided a full set of solutions and product recommendations the next day. On the day after receiving the customer's order, FS arranged the delivery, and the entire project cycle took only one week. It helps customers shorten the implementation time, reduce potential risks and losses, and provides customers with a more flexible and standard structured cabling system.


FS.com FHD® series products are designed with ultra-high density, scalability, and flexibility, allowing customers to quickly transform their data center computer room wiring system in a short period of time. These products have greatly improved the efficiency and benefits of data center operation and maintenance, and have received high praise from customers. FS makes full use of local inventory and delivery capabilities to create greater commercial value for customers. The cooperation between FS and customers is expanding rapidly.

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