Updated on Jul 6, 2023
A well-established global design company, backed by years of experience, is committed to delivering innovative and top-notch design solutions to its clients. They offer a diverse range of design services such as branding, website, graphic, and packaging design. FS Campus Wired Solution empowers the international design company to optimize its network, facilitating the upgrade of its current network equipment, which not only enhances team collaboration but also significantly improves office efficiency.
  • Challenge 1
    Network bandwidth: The design company is unable to complete urgent projects timely, share remote desktops, and conduct real-time video conferencing due to slow network speeds and frequent dropped connections.
  • Challenge 2
    Network security: The risks of unauthorized access, data leakage, and network threats can result in the exposure of company data and client information, leading to considerable financial losses and harm to the organization's reputation.
  • Challenge 3
    Serious noise: Based on the client's office size, lack of separate weak power rooms, and the serious noise generated by these cabinets, the office environment has been plagued by noise, posing a challenge for employees.
  • Higher bandwidth and lower latency network
    FS upgraded the bandwidth for the company from the original 1G bandwidth to 10G so that employees could transfer data to each other on the intranet, using QoS technology of the S5860-20SQ, S5810-48FS, and S3100-16TF-P switches, enables stable connections to prevent failures and meets customers' needs for efficient intranet file transfers.
  • Security audit
    FS adopted its self-developed Airware cloud platform to enable multiple users can log in and manage together. The security audit function of Airware cloud platform can greatly enhance the security and traceback for all key operations of employees, greatly improving the management efficiency of the company.
  • Noise reduction, "quiet" office
    FS offers the S3100-16TF-P, a fanless switch that effectively minimizes noise levels (<35dBA) during operation, creating a tranquil and comfortable work environment. Moreover, the S3100-16TF-P incorporates energy-saving features, and its compact size enables effortless installation in office spaces without occupying the excessive room.
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