FS Helps a Large Tech Company Realize a Smooth Network Upgrade

" FS's SFP-10/25GSR-85 provides us with a flexible and reliable network connection for efficient work and data sharing. The professional technical support from FS's team ensured a smooth network upgrade. Highly recommended!" - Felix(Network Administrator)


The client is a large technology company specializing in software development and IT services, with thousands of employees and multiple offices worldwide. There is a strong demand for high-speed, reliable network connections to ensure efficient office work and data sharing. Moreover, different businesses have different requirements for bandwidth and speed.

Customer Needs & Challenges

The company needs a high-speed, reliable network connection between the data center and the office area for efficient office work and data sharing. With no changes to the existing network or connection other than the modules, to achieve 10/25G adaptive dual-rate performance to support fast data transmission and processing for different business requirements. As well as to ensure the maximum benefits of future 100G network upgrade costs.

The Solution

The FS team uses 10/25G dual-rate SFP28 to meet the company's demand for high bandwidth and high-density network connection. The dual-rate SFP28 optical module enables data transmission at different rates, implements high-density port configurations and flexible bandwidth configurations, improves network reliability and scalability, and reduces energy consumption and operation costs.

High Bandwidth, High Density, Low Power Consumption, Supporting Various Application Scenarios

Increasing business data volumes require higher bandwidth to support fast data transmission and processing, which means higher energy consumption and more network equipment. More ports need to be deployed in limited space. FS provides high-density port configurations to save space as well as improve network scalability. The SFP28 transceiver is designed in a miniaturized package with a smaller size to accommodate more ports in the same panel, featuring low power consumption, high density, and high speed. It could effectively reduce energy consumption and operation cost of network equipment, realize high-density port configuration, and improve scalability and reliability.

10/25G Dual-rate SFP28 Optical Modules

Achieving Stable 10/25G Adaptive Dual Rate Performance with R&D

Felix thinks it necessary to achieve 10/25G adaptive dual-rate performance without modifying the module. The current ConnectX-4 Lx NIC and Cisco's switch interconnection requires 10G or 25G coding accordingly based on the identification status of the equipment and optical device coding. After internal testing, FS found the module was not self-adaptive but needed to switch the rate manually, which was not exactly what the client expected. Due to the specific requirements of the product solution, FS immediately activated the R&D program. Through iteration and optimization of R&D and continuous testing, FS finally found coding information that met the client's requirements and offered free samples for testing. After 3 months of testing, the stable performance of 10/25G adaptive dual-rate was achieved without changing the module. And it was highly recognized by the customer.

Relying on professional R&D and design, excellent experimental testing skills, and strict product quality control systems, FS implements the quality standards from raw material procurement, production process, and packaging to ensure the provision of reliable and stable products to clients worldwide.

R&D Program

Cost-effective and Efficient for the Potential 100G Network Upgrades

FS provides the client with a flexible solution by using 10/25G dual-rate SFP28 optical modules that can switch between different rates to meet various market demands.

With the growth of higher Ethernet speeds, 100G is an inevitable trend in the current networking market. In the long run, 10/25G dual-rate SFP28 solution will help 10/25G-100G network upgrade cost-effectively and efficiently. When clients need to upgrade networks from 10/25G to 100G, they do not need to replace the network devices at the access layer but only need to purchase 100G optical modules, 100G switches, and related high-speed network devices (i.e. core layer network devices), saving a great deal of time and effort as well as deployment costs.

10/25G dual-rate SFP28 solution

Customer Benefits

With 10/25G dual-rate SFP28 solution, the company has successfully achieved high bandwidth, high density, and flexible network connection, greatly improving office efficiency and data sharing, while reducing the cost of network configuration and management. In addition, the adoption of an SDN-based network management platform enables fast response and flexible adjustment of the network, ensuring high reliability and availability of business. This solution meets the need for high-speed, reliable, and flexible network connectivity, improving their core competitiveness and operational efficiency.

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