FS Helps A Major Travel Service Company Restructure Its Network for B2B Business Development


Founded in 1999, our client (hereinafter called "The Client"), a travel services company, has been providing innovative solutions in the field of tourism communication and is a key partner in the tourism and leisure economy of the Alpine region. The Client specializes in providing website subscription services for tourists, local hotels, and travel agencies, helping hotels to increase their visibility and providing travel agencies with real-time information on weather and local customs.

travel service company

As the company expands geographically and its customer base keeps increasing, The Client's bandwidth needs also grow exponentially. As a result, its main goal is to upgrade the current network infrastructure with new solutions. The current aging infrastructure was already putting significant financial cost pressure on the company, so the client urgently needed a high-quality upgrade solution to address this issue.


The Client was faced with the following challenges:

  • User experience was significantly degraded due to outdated legacy network equipment, resulting in congested website user access. The Client was looking for a network device that is cost-effective, durable, flexible, and reliable to meet the growing bandwidth demand.

  • No business interruption during network migration to ensure normal customer access. It also needed a comprehensive and reliable network device that could easily scale to meet future needs.

  • The Client needed new equipment with easy and fast configuration capabilities and timely vendor support to ensure stable network operation.


Personalized network solutions for business expansion and subscriber growth

To improve the website user experience, Claudio, the CEO of The Client, was looking for a partner that could provide an effective solution in a short period of time, improve cost efficiency, and maximize return on investment.

After evaluating multiple vendors, Claudio selected FS. Our team reviewed its existing network infrastructure and provided an effective solution. By networking S5860-20SQ core switches with S3410-48TS-P and S3910-48TS access switches, we defined the roles of different switches and simplified the networking process.

These devices have high-performance and high-reliability features that support a variety of reliable features, such as link aggregation, VLAN, QoS, and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). At the same time, they have various redundancy and fault tolerance mechanisms, such as dual power supplies, redundant fans, link aggregation, static routing, VRRP, etc., which ensure high reliability and stability of the network. These improvements greatly improve The Client's website user experience while effectively reducing costs and maximizing investment returns.

Deliver smooth network transition

With the support of professional test center and tools, FS experts successfully verified the feasibility of the business configuration and scenarios for the travel service company and applied the efficient migration solution to the actual network environment. This helps the company achieve a smooth transition from the existing network to a new one and ensures the continuous operation of the business. Throughout the process, FS experts provided professional technical support to ensure a smooth migration process and successfully optimized The Client's network architecture.

Now, FS's solution brought several benefits to the travel service company during the network lifecycle. First, it is crucial that the new network is easily scalable. The all-in-one solution provides a solid foundation that allows travel services companies to continue their expansion plans throughout the region. Second, the new infrastructure is more cost-effective, with a 35% reduction in TCO. In addition, the expanded bandwidth has resulted in improved user access. The new network deployment resulted in an 8% increase in the number of registered website users.

Professional tech support, swift response

As the business grows, network devices gradually increase and become cumbersome to configure and manage. The Client wanted new network devices to provide easy and fast configuration functions, reduce human errors and workload during configuration, and at the same time, be able to complete device management and monitoring through a simple interface to improve the reliability and stability of the network.

FS experts help customers with configuration and management using FS S series Ethernet switches and PoE+ switches for efficient networking. Network devices can be easily managed and monitored without using a command line interface. FS provides rich configuration options to meet different customers' needs, such as VLAN setting, QoS adjustment, link aggregation, etc.

The FS support team provides 7*24 professional services and is able to respond quickly to technical consulting needs and resolve all post-sales issues efficiently. In addition, FS also provides remote services and demo experience to help The Client efficiently train their own staff. After successfully deploying FS's solution, they were able to become proficient in using web technologies to solve problems. This has also created favorable conditions for The Client to rapidly expand its business in the tourism market.

Customer Benefits

"Thank you so much for the network solution you provided me! I'm impressed with your expertise and problem-solving skills, and I'm very satisfied with your service! I will definitely recommend your services to my close friends!"

Claudio Brocco (CEO of The Client)

Claudio was impressed with the experience of working with FS. The successful implementation of FS's solution not only lets The Client rest assured about their network needed for future growth but also builds their confidence in future success.

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