FS Helps A Power Company Improve Operational Efficiency and User Experience


Founded in 2007, our client (hereinafter called "The Client"), a power company, has been committed to the safe, reliable, continuous, and qualified sale of electric energy to the majority of electric power customers through transmission and distribution devices. The increasing demand for production and office makes the traditional network increasingly burdensome, and it is a major demand for the Client to keep pace with the times. FS helped this power company to generate an enterprise network office network solution, redefining the enterprise office network and realizing the minimalist experience of enterprise networks.

FS Helps A Power Company Improve Operational Efficiency and User Experience

"Thank you so much for the web solution you provided me! I am very impressed with your professional knowledge and problem-solving skills, and I am very satisfied with your service! I will definitely recommend your service to my friends!" — Giulio Buongiorno (CEO of The Client)


The Client was faced with the following challenges:

  • The demand for digital transformation in power companies continues to grow, and insufficient office network bandwidth can affect efficiency, business operations, and digital transformation.

  • Network failure will reduce the efficiency of business operations and bring economic losses.

  • In order to maintain network devices, a network management platform is essential.


FS proposes a campus wired solution that can be upgraded with network equipment to ensure redundancy and flexible deployment of services while making daily operations and maintenance easier.

Customized solutions based on customer needs

With the rapid growth in business volume and the diversification of the businesses they undertake, the existing network equipment could not meet the existing office needs of the Client. Giulio Buongiorno, CEO of the Client, felt the challenge of the new network requirements, as he needed to secure the production environment, ensure collaboration efficiency, and achieve an intelligent office.

Giulio Buongiorno quickly contacted FS engineers, stating that he needed to accommodate flexible business deployments and ensure network redundancy with well-expected scalability, standard network architecture, and easy day-to-day maintenance management.

FS's experts provided a customized solution to help the Client quickly deploy and bring the service online. To achieve a highly reliable network design, FS engineers selected core layer switch S5860-20SQ, aggregation layer switch S5810-48FS, and access layer switch S2800S-48T4F, and deployed them in a dual uplink grouping. This ensures that the network can quickly switch to the backup link in case of failure, thus guaranteeing high redundancy and stability of the network. It provided strong support for the Client's business uptime.

The network upgrade enabled the company to improve its internal work efficiency. With the upgrade from 300 megabit bandwidth to super gigabit, even if external operators are far away from the site, they can enter orders via tablet PCs and send them directly to the depot through the cloud, the Internet, and the company's network infrastructure, and after the depot creates the order task, the operator can pick up the goods the next day.

Reduce single points of failure and maintain network stability

In order to avoid the impact of single-point failure on the Client's production work, especially the core layer equipment failure that may affect the wide range of production, FS selected high-performance switch products for large enterprise networks. In the aggregation and core layer, FS S5860 series switches are recommended for the Client, and MLAG & dual uplink networking are deployed to take into account link and device redundancy.

FS Switches Reduce single points of failure and maintain network stability

Even if one of the switches fails to work properly, the whole network can still remain stable and no downtime or outage will occur. In addition, the deployment of MLAG can enable the smooth upgrade of equipment without affecting services when upgrading versions later. In the access layer, FS S2800S series switches can support 48 10/100/1000Base-T ports and 4 1G SFP fiber ports to meet flexible service deployment and daily office requirements. FS high-performance switches not only meet the Client's needs for flexible deployment, redundancy, scalability, and standardized network architecture, but also guarantee the high availability and stability of the entire network.

Real-time network monitoring

To safeguard the entire production and office network environment, FS experts choose devices that can support standard network management and monitoring protocols, making network maintenance and management easy and convenient. FS S5860 series switches also work well at the aggregation and core layers, supporting SNMP standard network management protocols and stress-free docking to standard three-party network management platforms for easy network management.

In addition, the series switches also support rich functional protocols such as routing policy, QoS, authentication, ERPS, etc., making them a solid backbone to support flexible service deployment. At the access layer, the Client decides to use FS S2800S series switches, which also support SNMP standard network management protocols and can be docked to standard three-party network management platforms to achieve convenient daily maintenance management. Even those who lack rich technical configuration skills can easily manage the network using our network management tools.


It is FS's commitment to our customers to provide customized solutions for network upgrades and to take their needs and suggestions into account in the design of their solutions in real-time.

As a power company leader, Giulio Buongiorno has thought long and hard about how to achieve modern production and intelligent office. However, old network equipment and a limited budget prevented these ideas from being put into action. With FS upgrade solutions, "intelligent production and collaborative work" can be realized.

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