Posted on Jul 11, 2023
The North American seafood producer is a renowned supplier that prioritizes offering high-quality, fresh, sustainable, and safe seafood choices. With its self-owned fishing resources and farming facilities, it not only adheres to environmental and sustainability regulations but also uses advanced technology and scientific management to ensure seafood quality and freshness. FS assists the seafood producer in resolving network problems by providing FS campus wired networks that include top-quality industrial-grade switches and network equipment.
  • Challenge 1
    Equipment and Hardware Tolerance: Low temperatures and humid environments in seafood manufacturers pose significant challenges to the functioning of electronic components and mechanical systems.
  • Challenge 2
    Data security and privacy: Seafood manufacturers handle large amounts of sensitive data, including supply chain, customer, and financial records. Ensuring data security and privacy protection is critical in a network upgrade.
  • Ensure uptime in extreme environments
    Considering such a humid and cold post-use environment of the seafood manufacturers, FS selected industrial grade switches IES5100-24FS, IES3100-8TF, IES3100-8TF-P, and IES3100-8T4F-P. These switches are equipped with gold immersion PCB circuitry, guaranteeing exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion, and offer <50ms ring failure recovery for seamless, loss-free data communication, which ensures uptime in extreme environments.
  • Enjoy Industrial-grade data security and privacy
    To ensure data security and protect the supply chain and customer information, FS technical support team offers the IES5100-24FS industrial-grade switch. It features DHCP Snooping to block unauthorized servers, IP Source Guard to prevent IP spoofing, and ARP Inspection to safeguard against ARP spoofing. This ensures network protection, data integrity, and a secure environment for seafood manufacturers' critical information.
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