Posted on Aug 17, 2023
Our client, the US-Based technology company is one of the world's largest suppliers of operating systems for personal computers. FS offers professional and reliable products and solutions that contribute to extending the lifespan of underwater data centers, helping them maximize the utilization of underwater data center resources, and enhancing operational efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Challenge 1
    The product needs to have a high level of water resistance, allowing it to operate long-term underwater without being damaged.
  • Challenge 2
    Shorten the product delivery cycle to maintain a competitive advantage and achieve a rapid return on investment.
  • Challenge 3
    Reliability and sustainability are highly needed to be achieved throughout the entire deployment lifecycle.
  • Highly Waterproof & Airtight Performance for Stable Operation Underwater
    FS BOX-packaged moudules are highly waterproof and airtight, ensuring no leakage or oxidative corrosion during long-term operation underwater. Also, they offer excellent isolation performance, preventing the impact of factors such as high pressure, temperature and humidity in underwater environments. These provide stable operation guarantees for subsea data centers.
  • Comprehensive Product Support & Huge Stock for Fast Delivery
    FS provides a comprehensive selection of top-tier optical modules, dependable transmission equipment, and UDC-related components. With a vast inventory of best-selling items, FS ensures quick response to customer demands. Customization services are also available, optimizing UDC setups for enhanced efficiency and stability according to individual requirements.
  • Highly Reliable Communication Components for A Sustainable Data Center
    FS has industry certifications like TL9000, ISO standards (9001, 14001, 20000, 45001), showcasing its dedication to quality assurance. It employs a crucial quality control system for product development and lifecycle upkeep, ensuring consistent excellence. The stability of FS's supply chain reinforces the quality of optical products throughout their lifecycle.
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