FS Helps an Internet Service Provider Achieve Substantial Growth in User Base

"FS has been incredibly helpful in resolving various issues with our previous network, and their network solutions and technical services have left a deep impression on us." 

— David Brown, CEO

As a network service provider offering Voice over IP telephony services, our customer aimed to increase their number of subscribers to 130,000 within five years and reach 1,000-2,000 subscribers per block. However, with increasing business volume, the current data center facilities were unable to meet the customer's demand, resulting in various problems such as insufficient switch performance, insufficient VLAN resources, complex network maintenance, inflexible service deployment, and limited network isolation capability. To address these challenges, FS technical team implemented high-performance data center switches and a flexible VXLAN-EVPN architecture to offer the customer reliable and fast data center network solutions.

Internet Service Provider Case


  • With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, including a growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, as well as social media and collaboration tools, the volume of business has dramatically increased. This has led to overloading of legacy network devices, resulting in high network latency and packet loss during peak periods. As a result, application lag and delay have greatly affected the user experience.

  • The customer's previous network frequently caused loops and interruptions in business, resulting in economic losses, so expansion is urgently needed.

  • The customer values data security extremely high and hopes to avoid risks of information leakage and data sniffing between users.


BCM Chip Design, Reduced Latency by 90%

With the widespread use of mobile devices and social media, data center business volume has increased dramatically, the original data center equipment has been unable to meet the demand, the network is often interrupted, and users often feedback high network latency, long lag, and poor network experience.

After FS accepted the customer's demand, we communicated with the customer for the first time, at the same time evaluated the information based on the customer's feedback, and finally selected FS Data Center switches for networking. These switches all use Broadcom chips, with the advantages of high performance, multi-function, high reliability, flexibility and low power consumption, perfectly solving the customer's pain points. After network transformation, the network latency was ultimately reduced by 90%.

Internet Service Provider-BCM Chip

Say Goodbye to Network Instability

At the very beginning, a full layer 2 data center network design was planned considering the small scale. However, poor scalability and difficult expansion make it very easy to lead to network loops. Once loops occur, it will become tough to troubleshoot. In this case, every time our customer encounters a network loop, part of the data center network will go down for a long time, which may cause high expenses by assigning IT professionals to troubleshoot the network.

For this reason, the FS expert team transformed the customer's data center network, switching the original layer 2 network into a layer 3 network and managing it in a partitioned manner. After the network transformation, the former network design issues are fixed, and the network becomes stable and reliable. Even if there are occasional minor network fluctuations, the problem can be quickly detected and solved in the shortest time.

Network Data Isolation for Improved Security

The customer attaches great importance to data security and hopes to avoid the risks of information leakage and data sniffing between users. To meet this demand, the FS expert team has redesigned the customer network, assigning tenants to different virtual switches to achieve network isolation. Through upgrading network security, our customer gains new growth opportunities, which provides assistance for its commercial expansion and long-term success.


FS assists customers in achieving three critical network objectives: high-speed traffic forwarding, improved network security, and reduced network maintenance expenses. Our customer can effectively scale its services and achieve business success while minimizing network operating expenses and enhancing efficiency.

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