FS Helps E-commerce Achieve High-Reliability Storage Networking


The customer company is a medium-sized e-commerce enterprise dedicated to providing high-quality and convenient online shopping services to global consumers. Since its establishment, the company has been focused on technological innovation and business expansion. The customer company's business covers dozens of industries and hundreds of categories, generating a large volume of transaction data and user data every day. To ensure the security and integrity of this data and support fast data access and queries, a reliable, efficient, and secure data storage solution is required. Additionally, with the continuous expansion of the business and the increasing volume of data, a scalable storage system is also needed to accommodate future growth and allow for easy capacity expansion.

Customer Needs & Challenges

  • If storage failure occured, it can result in business interruption and, in severe cases, data loss.

  • The low transmission efficiency leaded to significant lag on the shopping pages for end users.

  • If a customer's sensitive information was leaked, it can potentially lead to the company's closure and even face substantial compensations.

The Solution

FS suggested the customer adopt a dual-active architecture across different locations. This would involve deploying 2 N8560-48BC switches in both the local and remote data centers.

Building a Dual-Active Storage Network Solution

The customer adopted FS dual-active storage solution. Through the network connection between two data centers, data synchronization and disaster recovery switching were achieved, effectively avoiding issues related to single-point failures in the data centers and network instability.


Jumbo Frames Significantly Improve Network Transmission Efficiency

FS engineers provided a solution by replacing the customer's switch with the N8560-48BC, which supports jumbo frames. Jumbo frames can reduce network overhead and the number of frame headers when transmitting a large amount of data, thereby improving data transmission efficiency. Additionally, the use of jumbo frames reduces network interactions, lowers network latency, and enhances the responsiveness of storage access. Furthermore, as jumbo frames reduce the number of frame headers, they can also decrease the risk of network congestion and packet loss, thereby improving the stability and reliability of the storage network.


The Two-Factor Authentication Mechanism Makes Data Security Impregnable

FS implemented corresponding isolation mechanisms. By segregating the server storage network and storage devices into a VLAN and setting up ACLs and mapping relationships on the storage side, only designated devices can access the storage. Through this dual-factor protection mechanism, unauthorized users are prevented from easily accessing sensitive data within storage, significantly enhancing network security.


The Benefits

Deploying active-active data centers and independent backups networking brings higher availability, reliable data protection, and faster recovery speed, which enhances customers' business continuity and user satisfaction. By deploying active-active data centers, customers can deploy their applications and data across two data centers, enabling bidirectional backup and disaster recovery to cope with various faults and emergencies. At the same time, independent network backups can efficiently back up data, avoiding backup processes from occupying network bandwidth, and improving backup efficiency and reliability. The application of these technologies can better protect customer data and business and provide better services.

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