FS Helps Connext LLC Build an Across-City EVPN-VXLAN Architecture

Updated on Aug 17, 2022


Located in the United States, Connext LLC is an internet service provider offering quality wired and wireless telecommunication services. As the demand for its services keeps expanding, Connext LLC is ready to build an EVPN-VXLAN architecture to deliver reliable high-bandwidth underlay networks for a growing number of users. FS helps Connext LLC reach its goal with FS core and aggregation switches.


With the rapid business growth, the requirements for Connext LLC data centers grow more complex. The cross-city network that Connext LLC aims to build has to be able to support 1000-2000 users now and 130,000 in the next five years. Connext LLC's current network can no longer support the increasing traffic load. It is faced with the following challenges:

  • Insufficient switch speed and performance (limited MAC address table)

  • VLAN resources in short supply

  • Complicated network maintenance

  • inflexible business deployment

  • Limited network isolation capability


To meet its evolving business and network requirements, FS helps Connext LLC establish a reliable cross-city EVPN-VXLAN architecture with FS data center switches. N8560-32C switches are used as core switches and N5860-48SC aggregation switches. They can provide MAC address table capacity up to 96K and use stacking or MLAG technology to improve equipment performance, ensuring reliable and high-speed data center network.

Most importantly, both N5860-48SC and N8560-32C support the functions of VXLAN, EVPN, OSPF, and BGP. They prove a great help to solve network isolation problems caused by insufficient VLAN resources. Moreover, this EVPN-VXLAN architecture realizes the decoupling of the physical network from the virtual network. It allows Connext LLC to manage their own virtual network independently, without considering the restrictions of physical network IP and broadcast domain. Thus, it greatly reduces the difficulty of network management and improves the flexibility of business deployment.

cross-city EVPN-VXLAN architecture with FS data center switches

Customer Benefits

Connext LLC successfully builds a secure cross-city EVPN-VXLAN architecture with FS data center switches. It enables Connext LLC to achieve the goal of supporting 130,000 users within five years. As Connext LLC's business keeps growing, it is easy to add more core, distribution and access layer devices to the current architecture which can be updated without the need to redesign a new set of devices. The problems that bother ConnectLLC, such as insufficient switch speed and performance (limited MAC address table), insufficient VLAN resources, complex network maintenance, inflexible business deployment, have been solved. Looking to the future, Connext LLC is confident that the FS solution will provide the support they need to tackle the next challenge.


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