FS Helps Retail Stores Run Smoothly with its Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance is essential to any retail store, both to prevent theft and to ensure the integrity of POS transactions. Beyond security, video surveillance systems offer retailers a greater return on investment when used in day-to-day operations. FS demonstrates to Singapore retailers the value of video surveillance in reviewing employee activities, investigating customer complaints, and other business operations through the establishment of a security surveillance system, comprehensively improving the management and operational efficiency of retail businesses.

"I put my trust in FS security cameras & surveillance. Their superior quality and the ease of use they offer us are most important. That is why we choose FS." - John (Manager)

The client runs a multinational chain of retail stores, headquartered in the USA. It has a one-shop convenient solution, offering a wide variety of products, fresh food, and services. It operates, franchises, and licenses more than 50,000 stores in 19 countries and territories as of November 2022.

Retail Store Profile

The Challenge

1. Difficulties in investigating and resolving cashier disputes and customer complaints have resulted in losses for the customer's store.

2. The risk of accidents in stores at night has increased, and the cost of human security is too high. Therefore, the store has not been equipped with security measures at night, resulting in frequent theft incidents.

3. As a chain brand, the headquarter hopes to have unified management of the branches, but the number of chain stores is large and management is difficult.

The Solution

Full coverage of the store, targeted deployment in key areas

There are many areas in the store that are difficult to manage comprehensively, leading to frequent incidents of employee theft, customer cashier disputes, and complaints, resulting in losses for the store. Therefore, FS IP security cameras have provided comprehensive coverage of the store and targeted security deployment in key areas such as cashier desks, shelves, entrances, and exits.

Network cameras with built-in Mic have been deployed at the cashier desk to deal with disputes and conflicts, and to ensure that events can be highly replayed when reviewed. Smart cameras have been deployed at the entrance and exit, which not only can extract personnel characteristics from video recordings after emergencies, but also can be used to enhance customer experience and make the store more intelligent. Fisheye cameras deployed in various blind spots can effectively prevent store theft and safeguard the store's property, giving the manager peace of mind. Super HD cameras with built-in Mic have been deployed in the warehouse area, which can provide high-quality and detailed recordings to help supervisors remotely control everything in the warehouse.

Intelligent management, security upgrade at night

After the store closes at night, due to the lack of manpower security control, thefts occur frequently. The FS IP cameras deployed at the perimeter support the deep perimeter function, which can set security protection measures at night such as area intrusion, cross-border detection, personnel entry and exit detection in sensitive areas, and intelligently monitor motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and passers-by in sensitive areas. Once an intrusion event occurs, the system will immediately send out an alarm to remind the intruder to stop and leave. Intelligent management of the store at night greatly reduces security costs.

Unified management platform, making branches easy-to-manage

Now it is very difficult for the headquarter to supervise the branches in a unified manner. Video stream from branches to the headquarter is usually transferred through the internet, which will consume much Internet bandwidth at headquarters. So realizing cost-effective unified management through the internet is a challenge for the headquarter. Based on that, FS provides an efficient and low TCO VMS management platform system and Ultra 265+ sub-stream solution with multiple functions. By default, sub-streams are used for live broadcast and playback at the headquarters, saving 62.5% of bandwidth expense. FS IP storage adopts a unique structure, allowing 48 bays in the 4 Units’ height with a hot-swappable front panel. The intelligent multistage speed fan can also help to save energy. VMS supports the 1+1 hot spare function. If the Master VMS breaks down, the Standby VMS will take over the service immediately. All applications and data will be transferred back to Master VMS when it recovers from failure. FS VMS is a reliable management platform with multiple functions. Liveview/playback, TV wall management, and user role management are all available on VMS clients.


Through FS's high-quality video surveillance system, the retail store not only enhances store security, but also improves the shopping experience of its customers. In addition, the FS team also provides customers with thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales services, providing great support for customers' security deployment.

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