Posted on Jul 14, 2023
The client is an emerging research university that is moving to a new location due to expansion needs and requires a comprehensive wireless network system. FS.com tailored a solution for stable, high-speed wireless connectivity that is also fully controllable and manageable.
  • Challenge 1
    Since the client's current campus building lacked a network, a complete solution had to be designed to connect all POE network devices.
  • Challenge 2
    AP location based on environment and traffic. For dense campus, each indoor AP allows 120 devices with 20MB speed.
  • Challenge 3
    To manage numerous connected devices, centralized management via a cloud-based platform is critical for efficient analysis and cost savings.
  • FS Builds New University Campus Network from Scratch
    FS planned comprehensive wireless coverage for four university buildings. Experts designed floor layouts to determine optimal device placement and helped configure appropriate network devices for reliability and scalability. FS wireless solution meets budget and relocation requirements with optimal campus coverage, cost-effectively implementing migration goals.
  • Comprehensive Planning Builds Ideal Campus Wireless Network
    Attention to detail and evaluation of building structure and materials were crucial in determining AP location and orientation. We recommended AP-W6T6817C to meet customer's requirement of 120 devices per AP with a 20MB speed limit. We configured core switches, gateways, and firewalls to ensure consistent and reliable network coverage.
  • FS Airware Assists Campus with Cloud Network Management Efficiency
    Unified Airware cloud platform management saves time and reduces cost for campus networks. FS.com's solution provides comprehensive wireless network coverage, stable and high-speed connection, and an integrated management system, offering efficient and secure wireless experience and laying a solid foundation for future development.
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