Posted on Jul 14, 2023
It is an Internet travel e-commerce company located in the United States, focusing on providing diversified travel products and various travel service experiences, and is committed to improving the efficiency and experience of the tourism industry. FS provides customers with a stable, reliable and secure Wi-Fi 6 office network to help improve enterprise performance.
  • Challenge 1
    Intensive terminal concurrency increases the risk of network congestion.
  • Challenge 2
    No automatic access point switching causes session interruptions during movement.
  • Challenge 3
    Guest terminals pose a threat to the security of the office network.
  • Handle High Concurrency Scenarios Easily with High-Density AP
    Modern office equipment and concurrent devices increase network traffic and congestion risk. FS engineers recommended using high-density APs, like Wi-Fi 6 AP-N515, in workstation-dense office areas and conference rooms. AP-N505 was recommended for small meeting rooms and leisure areas. This combination optimizes signal coverage, and reduces network congestion.
  • Boost Productivity with a Mobile Workspace
    FS engineers analyzed office size and potential signal interference from obstacles, precisely calculating signal attenuation and deploying Wi-Fi 6 APs to ensure complete coverage overlap. AC was implemented to monitor AP status and allocate wireless resources for smooth device roaming. The result is a stable and high-speed network connection that enhances office efficiency.
  • Enhance Identity Verification and Secure Your Wireless Network
    Wireless networks enhance work flexibility but pose security risks. FS's APs support multiple SSIDs, segregating sub-networks for separate authentications and preventing information leakage. This protects against network hacking attacks and provides reliable authentication for corporate employees to detect the legitimate network.
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