FS High-bandwidth Wi-Fi 6 Network Empowers Internet Business to Improve Performance

Updated on Mar 16, 2023

"The enterprise wireless solution provided by FS is excellent. It offers a fast, secure and reliable connection. It's also easy to set up and manage, so you can get up and run quickly. FS‘s products are very cost-effective and the engineers provide excellent customer support. It's a great solution for any business." —— Luke Chambers (Technical Implementation Leader)


It is a US-based travel e-commerce business focused on providing a diverse range of travel products and various travel service experiences, dedicated to improving the efficiency and experience of the travel industry. The company currently employs approximately 1,000 people and has an experienced team with a wide reach in the industry and a large customer base with a global reach. It continues to improve and innovate to meet the needs of its customers and provide them with the highest quality service.


The client, an online travel service provider, faces challenges in meeting the demand for wireless network access due to the shift towards office mobility and increasing staff size with laptops. High concurrent access demands for Wi-Fi network capacity present a substantial challenge as wired connections are no longer sufficient.

FS has addressed the client's need for a stable and secure wireless network by building a reliable Wi-Fi 6 office network. This has improved the client's network environment, enhanced communication efficiency both internally and externally, ensured business continuity, fostered customer loyalty, and helped the client achieve their business goals.


  • As the company expands and increases the number of staff in the office area, the density of workstations and the number of laptops, mobile phones, and other terminal devices also increase. This results in a higher risk of network congestion due to the dense concurrent activity of the terminals.

  • Within the office, employees often need to move from one location to another for meetings or collaborative work. However, since the network does not automatically switch access points, this movement can cause session interruptions and necessitate reconnection to the network.

  • In a shared password wireless network, guest terminals and office equipment can be connected simultaneously, posing a significant security threat to the office network. Thus, the client is increasingly demanding an adequate level of security from the wireless network.


Handle High Concurrency Scenarios Easily with High-Density AP

With the prevalence of modern office equipment and the growing number of laptops and devices in the workplace, the office area network faces an increasing traffic load from simultaneous device access. High staff numbers, dense workstations, and concurrent terminals further compound the risk of network congestion and reduced bandwidth. To enhance productivity and ensure network stability and reliability, Luke, the IT specialist, sought help from FS to address this challenge.

office area

FS engineers recommend implementing high-density APs in workstation-dense office areas and conference rooms to support the increasing number of end devices without burdening the network. High-density APs, such as the Wi-Fi 6 AP-N515, can access up to 1024 endpoints with better coverage and signal strength, improving network stability and reliability. These APs optimize signal coverage and strength, enabling high-speed access to more devices while maintaining network load balance, thereby reducing the risk of network congestion compared to traditional APs.

In small meeting rooms and leisure areas, FS engineers used AP-N505, which handles up to 256 terminal devices. In this way, high-density and low-density APs are used in conjunction with each other without increasing costs, perfectly expanding the access capacity of the network and allowing better handling of high concurrency scenarios, and solving network congestion problems.

Boost Productivity with a Mobile Workspace

Luke discloses to FS's account manager that employees frequently move away from their workstations to collaborate or attend meetings in designated areas and conference rooms, and often experience difficulties due to dropped devices and network disruptions. With real-time video conferencing and extensive data sharing becoming commonplace, enterprises are now in need of seamless roaming wireless networks to keep up with changing requirements. Existing network equipment is ill-suited to support these needs and demands.

Mobile Workspace

FS engineers took a thorough approach to ensure reliable network connectivity for mobile devices across the office premises. They started by recording and analyzing critical information such as the office size, number of seats, and floor height, based on the provided survey map. Considering potential obstacles like plasterboard and glass walls that could interfere with signals, the engineers precisely calculated signal attenuation and adjusted the number and location of Wi-Fi6 APs to guarantee complete coverage overlap. Moreover, they conducted wireless coverage simulations at the proposed AP deployment sites. These measures, combined with Wi-Fi 6 technology advancements, have substantially improved access speed and signal coverage for the wireless network. As a result, the enterprise's mobile workforce efficiency and user experience have dramatically enhanced.

The next challenge was tackled by implementing high-performance AC to monitor the APs' real-time status and allocate wireless resources accordingly. This allows for smooth device roaming without interrupting the network connection. When office equipment is relocated, the terminal seamlessly switches to the access point with the strongest signal, ensuring intelligent and hassle-free wireless switching. The result is a stable and high-speed network connection that significantly improves office efficiency.

Enhance Identity Verification and Secure your Wireless Network

The growth of wireless networks provides enhanced work flexibility for businesses and employees, but also raises new security concerns for mobile devices. In a conventional wired office network, each IP address corresponds to a computer terminal, which, combined with domain authentication, manages staff online security effectively. However, with the integration of wireless networks, guest terminals, and office devices connect to a shared password-protected network, exposing potential information leakage and posing significant security risks to the entire office network.

FS offers APs equipped with multiple SSIDs support. By diligently configuring and managing this function, a wireless LAN can be seamlessly segregated into several sub-networks, requiring separate authentications for employees and guest devices, thus improving Wi-Fi network security. This feature allows enterprise employees to access solely the office network, while the guest network provides limited access to visitors, effectively isolating the distinct networks from each other.

In addition to its security and network management benefits, AP's SSID technology also protects against network hacking attacks. Hackers often use the spoofing technique to create an SSID that closely matches the corporate wireless network and lure unsuspecting users to connect to a phishing network, enabling them to harvest sensitive information. However, the SSID identification feature provides reliable authentication that lets corporate employees detect the legitimate network, avoiding deceptive links and safeguarding the corporate network security.

FS also offers Airware, a cloud-based network management platform that enables centralized management of wireless devices, supporting real-time alerts and fault detection for complete 24/7 network access, visibility and control. Utilizing real-time monitoring and centralized management through the cloud platform, network status, and performance can be closely monitored, current usage can be effectively analysed, network configuration can be adjusted and optimized to suit specific needs, and excellent security control can be provided, ensuring complete security for the network in real-time.



FS offers a dependable Wi-Fi 6 office network solution that meets high concurrent access demands, enhances both internal and external communication efficiency, and optimizes network security against potential breaches such as outgoing traffic and data leakages.

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