FS High-Density FHD® Solution Realizes Improved Space Utilization in Data Center


The client is an Australian media industry company and television networks and program producers rely on its expertise, technology, and resources to capture live sports, major entertainment events, dramas, and studio programs. It is committed to providing high-quality customer service, with a team of approximately 100 full-time employees and 1,200 experienced freelancers, enabling them to complete any project with Australia's most skilled television professionals.


1. Multiple 40G and 100G services should be interconnected in the limited-space data center, which requires a compact cabling solution to save space.

2. This project is preparing for an international event, with a large engineering volume, requiring a solution that is both feasible and effective.

3. With the event quickly approaching, the project cycle is urgent, and quick delivery is required.


FS provided the customer with a high-density, future-oriented structured cabling FHD® solution to save space in the data center and achieve efficient interconnection of multiple 40G and 100G services.

Improved Space Utilization in Data Center with High-Density Cabling FHD® Solution

A large international event will be held in the data center. Since the increase in the number of servers and computing power has taken up a lot of space in the data center, a compact cabling solution is required to optimize space utilization.

FS provides a high-density FHD® solution, which includes MTP®/MPO-LC fiber cassettes, 1U rack mount blank enclosure, and MTP®/MPO trunk cables, helping to achieve compact cabling for 40G and 100G interconnects, saving space in the data center and improving aesthetics.

The FHD® 1U rack mount enclosure comes with a cable management rack and a 360-degree rotating D-ring, which can accommodate up to 4 FHD® MTP®-LC fiber cassettes with a maximum core capacity of 144F, providing maximum flexibility for cabling and greatly reducing the space occupied by cabling. The high-density cabling solution not only improves energy efficiency and reduces maintenance costs in the data center but also increases flexibility for future business requirements.

FHD® Solution

FS's Customized Solution Services Ensure Prompt Response to Solve Problem

FS provides customized solution services to meet the specific needs of customers for their large-scale projects while collecting information and offering suggestions promptly to ensure that customers receive the best possible solution.

  • The team of technical experts actively communicates with customers to provide tailored and effective solutions.

  • Provide the polarity pinout diagram of the physical solution to help customers understand the connection method, ensure the smooth execution of the project, and achieve the expected goal.

  • Technical and sales experts organize remote meetings with customers to address any questions they may have about product performance, compatibility, and usage.

FS Fast Delivery Global Warehouse Facilitates Rapid Deployment of Solution

With a large-scale event approaching and a tight schedule, a quick optimization of the cabling system is required. Through localized warehousing and cooperation with international logistics and local express companies, FS's expert team completed the process of collecting requirements for solution design and delivery in only three weeks, ensuring transportation efficiency and safety. It enabled the rapid deployment of the project's solution, which improved the customer's business performance.

Global Warehouse

Customer Benefits

"The project was a huge success for us, and we concluded with some celebration here. FS was an integral part of this. I am very happy that I made the choice to go with FS as the primary SFP vendor back!">--Ben Jones(Senior Post-Production Engineer)

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