Posted on Jul 3, 2023
The client company is a leading European healthcare provider with a wide range of businesses and serving patients in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. FS offers a campus network solution that provides significant support to customers building hospital networks. And FS provides an Airware cloud management platform that makes network maintenance and management easy and convenient.
  • Challenge 1
    The number of ports on the original devices is too small to support more devices being connected at the same time.
  • Challenge 2
    There are many medical devices at different speeds and the existing network equipment doesn't work well with them, resulting in poor data transmission.
  • Challenge 3
    The network is so large and involves so many devices and users that it becomes difficult to maintain and manage it.
  • Virtualization Technology for Rapid Business Scalability
    The hospital needs a 3-year network plan from FS Solutions due to equipment port shortage caused by rapid expansion.The FS Solutions team proposed using the S5810-48TS-P switch for device access. The switch supports the stacking of up to eight switches of the same series, providing 384 high-density service interfaces and ensuring that businesses can grow rapidly.
  • Enriched Interface Rates for More Flexible Networks
    With the rapid development of medical technology, the problem of incompatibility of medical equipment has appeared. FS for customers to choose the S5860-24XB-U switch, which can meet the different medical equipment requirements. The switch enables access to devices at various rates: 100M, 1G, 2.5G, 5G, 10G, and 25G. Expand and upgrade quickly with fewer deployment costs.
  • Cloud Management Platform to Make Network Maintenance Easier
    To facilitate the use of network management, the FS Solutions team provides the Airware Cloud Management Platform to make the maintenance and management of the network easier. Through the cloud management platform, all kinds of equipment in the hospital campus network can be centrally managed and monitored.It provides a convenient network management solution for hospitals.
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