Posted on Jul 14, 2023
The client is a hotel located in Tennessee, USA, designed to meet the needs of both business and vacation travelers. However, the hotel environment changes make guest Internet experience uncomfortable. FS Wi-Fi 6 hotel solution expands wireless coverage without compromising aesthetics, ensuring guests' secure and satisfactory Internet experience.
  • Challenge 1
    Complex hotel structure, unstable signal and blind spots in coverage.
  • Challenge 2
    High demand for aesthetics and do not want to damage the original decoration to deploy the APs.
  • Challenge 3
    The guest network cannot be effectively isolated and the safety of the network can't be guaranteed.
  • Premium Internet Experience for Ultimate Guest Enjoyment Across the Region
    FS improves hotel internet service with Wi-Fi 6 APs to cover various areas, including high-density AP-N515 for banquet halls and low-density AP-N505 for aisles. Wireless AC manages up to 200 access points and supports automatic coordination for a seamless network experience.
  • Mini Hospitality APs to Solve Room Wireless Deployment Challenges
    Installing access points in guest room aisles negatively impacts network service due to thick walls and cabling issues. FS introduces the compact hospitality AP-N515H, easily deployed in the TV area or next to a desk without damaging walls. The device builds on existing networks for hassle-free internet service.
  • Enterprise-grade Secure Network with Effective Guest Network Isolation
    Hotels require a secure and reliable network for operational tasks and to protect guest data. FS Hotel Wireless Solution uses advanced Wi-Fi security protocols, Airware and AC for strict network access control, user isolation mode, and network attack prevention. This secures the network for both visitors and the hotel, ensuring peace of mind for guests and protection for sensitive data.
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