FS HPC Network Solution for Financial Service Industry Safeguard Their Business

"The professional solutions and technical support provided by FS have greatly enhanced the overall performance of our data center, making a significant contribution to our business development. Thank you, FS!

— Leo Brown, CEO 

Financial service industries are always faced with handling critical businesses and sensitive information, which requires high data center network performance and availability. As the industry continues to grow, their demands have also increased significantly. To address the concerns of one of our customers, a financial service company, FS offers a high-performance computing network solution designed to help our customer build a powerful and user-friendly data center with high availability and security. 


  • The company's network infrastructure design and implementation must meet stringent requirements for the high availability of the customer's business. Thus, high-performance computing systems to solve complex problems and the requirements of network devices and servers in data center architecture are emphasized..

  • Because of the complexity, network operation and management are difficult. To ensure security, it requires regular effective network inspections and even updates of network equipment, which calls for highly skilled technical staff.

  • The total expenditure could be high since a significant amount of network equipment and server hardware equipment and software is needed, along with ongoing technology updates to meet evolving business needs.


Partnering with FS Guarantees Stable Business Operation

As the business expanded and network traffic increased, the company began experiencing frequent network outages and delays. Mr.Brown, the CEO of this company, recognized that the existing network was no longer adequate to meet the business's needs. As a long-time partner of FS, the customer turned to us for assistance. We quickly assembled a technical team and held a remote video conference with the customer to fully understand their needs. After careful analysis, we proposed a solution based on 25G/100G and 100G/400G Ethernet networking.

400G HPC Network

This solution incorporated FS switches and servers to integrate network resources and computing resources fully. It effectively supports real-time transactions in the financial service industry, which meets the requirement of higher computing performance and load balancing. Network interruptions and delays happening with high traffic flow are no longer troublesome. Smooth business operation is guaranteed thereby.

Unified Operation and Maintenance Enables Flexibility and Security

Another key expectation is to reduce reliance on manual workers without sacrificing security and reliability. In response, FS suggests changing the original IB and FC switches with Ethernet switches, the maximum rate of which is 400GbE. These switches offer high reliability and computing power and require only one data communication engineer to carry out comprehensive maintenance, significantly reducing the need for technician staff for operation and maintenance. Additionally, the adoption of FS products throughout eliminates compatibility problems, which enhances the convenience of unified O&M.

HPC Unified Operation and Maintenance

Corporate Sustainability at Minimal Cost

The solution design is also required to take the company's budget into consideration. Compared to the original FC storage Ethernet/IB computing network, FS provides a solution that reduces the overall network construction cost by at least two times, while the scalability is also significantly improved. This solution ensures efficient network performance while greatly reducing network construction and O&M costs, saving on power and air conditioning equipment consumption, allowing the customer to operate their business more efficiently and enhancing competitiveness. In addition, this solution also has better scalability, enabling the company to keep ready to scale its services all the time.


The HPC network solution designed by FS integrates network and computing resources, significantly reducing usage costs for customers, while simultaneously improving operational efficiency and maintenance standards. Our solutions ensure high levels of computing and storage resource reliability in the financial industry, enabling the customer's businesses to develop and flourish rapidly.

FS maintains close communication with the customer throughout the entire process, from initial demand to final solution implementation. We provide personalized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each customer, continually track project progress, obtain customer feedback, and optimize service quality to ensure the best possible experience and results for our customers.

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