FS HPC Solution Optimizes the Digital Media Experience


Established in 2010 and based in Berlin, this digital media company is committed to delivering top-quality digital media solutions. Their services include website design and development, social media management, mobile application development, and more.

Customer Needs & Challenges

  • The customer required significant computing power to process high-resolution video, images, and audio files.

  • The customer required scalable networks to accommodate increasing user demand and traffic with the rapid growth of self-publishing.

  • The customer's video streaming services experience frequent interruptions during peak periods, significantly impacting users' viewing experience.

The Solution

FS offers a 100G/400G Ethernet networking solution that provides critical support for building high-performance computing data centers. This solution not only meets the essential requirements of high network throughput, bandwidth, and low latency, but also optimizes server GPU utilization. By adopting this solution, the customer can significantly reduce the overall cost of network construction, while maintaining stable and uninterrupted high-throughput network communication. FS Ethernet networking solution creates added value for the customer, and empowers them to achieve their computing goals with confidence.

Enhancing Data Processing Efficiency with 400G High Bandwidth

This customer have reported facing issues with computational power and network bottlenecks while working with high-resolution video, image, and audio files. This problem not only affects content production efficiency but also degrades video preview and transmission quality.

FS provided a solution by replacing the existing core equipment with 400G high-bandwidth switches and interconnecting 400G devices at the Spine layer to efficiently forward traffic. This solution utilizes high-performance Broadcom chips that can provide continuous and stable high-throughput network communication, while reducing GPU idle time. It significantly increases bandwidth, reduces latency, and improves data processing efficiency, allowing them to process audio and video files more efficiently, accelerate content production, ensure content quality, and enhance their business competitiveness.


Flexible Network Deployment Solutions for Scalable Operations

With the rapid growth of the mobile internet, the media industry has seen significant expansion in recent years. However, the customer are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for content and traffic on their current network infrastructure. To address this issue, FS provides a solution where the customer's business units are deployed in modules as PODs, each of which can be managed and maintained independently, allowing for rapid expansion. Additionally, the core layer equipment can be expanded horizontally, enabling a single center to meet the access needs of mega service nodes. This solution improves the flexibility and scalability of the data center, enabling them to quickly adapt to changing market demands and traffic growth, and lays a solid foundation for future business growth.


Improving Network Stability with Ethernet CLOS Networking Architecture

FS HPC solution not only increases the bandwidth capacity of the network but also adopts the Ethernet CLOS networking architecture, where each device is connected to its neighboring devices. The solution also utilizes ECMP technology to improve the reliability and performance of the network through full redundancy and load balancing. Furthermore, the access layer devices support MLAG to achieve device redundancy. These measures enhance network stability, ensuring the customer can provide stable and reliable streaming services even during peak periods, ultimately improving the quality of service.


The Benefits

The high-performance computing solution provides significant gains in network bandwidth and latency reduction, greatly improving data processing efficiency. It helps the customer process audio and video files faster, produce content more efficiently, and improves the user viewing experience and reputation of their video streaming services. Furthermore, it enables the customer to quickly adapt to market demands and traffic growth, promoting sustainable business growth.

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