FS IDC Hosting Solution Realizes Large-scale Data Processing and HPC Applications

"I am thoroughly impressed with the solutions and services provided by FS. FS engineers were able to analyze and recommend the perfect solutions for our needs. The results were impressive, as our client's network performance significantly improved. Furthermore, the entire process was seamless and hassle-free."
- Jack Wilson (Network Engineer)


The customer is a company specializing in providing high-performance bare-metal server leasing services. Their clients are usually enterprises or individuals who require large-scale data processing or high-performance computing capabilities. By renting these servers, users can save a lot of costs and time, while also obtaining higher data processing performance and better data security. Therefore, this customer has got a high demand for computing power in their data center.

FS provided the customer with personalized IDC hosting solutions, which solved the network performance bottleneck and server stability issues faced by the customer in data center construction. This solution helped the customer meet the needs of large-scale data processing and high-performance computing by providing faster data transfer speeds and a stable and reliable server operating environment, promoting customer business innovation and development.


With the rise of cloud computing and big data, the demand for computing power in data centers is increasing. Our customer, as a company specializing in high-performance bare-metal server leasing, needs to meet the needs of large-scale data processing or high-performance computing capabilities. Therefore, in addition to the need for fast transmission of large amounts of data in network construction, it is also essential to ensure the stability of server operation.


In this collaboration, FS fully considered the customer's specific needs and application environment to provide tailored solutions. We aimed to address the customer's data transmission speed challenges while also enhancing the operational stability and reliability of their servers.

High-performance Switches Increase Data Transfer Speeds

Wilson, the network engineer of the customer company, reported that when they provided server rental services to a biotech company, the data transmission speed was not ideal, which affected the progress and accuracy of calculations, resulting in the slow development of new drugs. FS engineers analyzed the customer's network architecture and recommended using a high-performance Broadcom chip 400G switch N9510-64D as the core device to connect with the 100G switch N8560-64C. These devices not only have high bandwidth but also support PFC and ECN, as well as RoCE, which can control traffic flow in the event of network congestion, and prevent data packet loss and retransmission. This solution provided low-latency and high-bandwidth data transmission efficiency and could realize efficient traffic forwarding to meet the needs of customers' users for data transmission speed. Additionally, FS engineers helped the customer remotely deploy these switches and performed corresponding configuration and optimization to ensure optimal data transmission. After monitoring for some time, the customer found that network bandwidth performance had significantly improved, and computing efficiency and accuracy had also greatly increased.

IDC solution

Customized Solution to Ensure Stable Server Operation

The stable operation of high-performance bare metal servers requires maintaining constant environmental temperature and humidity conditions. Therefore, controlling the temperature and humidity inside the data center is crucial, and good air circulation is essential for heat dissipation. Depending on the deployment of cold and hot air channels in the customer's computer room, we recommend using front-to-back airflow switches and providing matching server racks. In this way, the hot air discharged from the rear end of the switch can directly enter the hot aisle, and be recycled after being cooled by the air in the cold aisle, ensuring good air circulation in the equipment room and improving heat dissipation efficiency, and enhancing the stability and reliability of server operation. This solution has met the customer's requirements for the internal environment of the computer room and contributes to the long-term sustainable development of the customer's business.

IDC solution

Customer Benefits

The high-performance switches and personalized solutions delivered by FS have addressed the performance bottlenecks in customer networking, significantly improving computational power while ensuring the stable operation of data center servers. The customer can enjoy faster data transmission speeds and a stable and reliable server operating environment. Simultaneously, FS engineers relied on their experienced technical strength to provide high-quality and fast services throughout the process and provide professional remote configuration and deployment support. These support services can also continue to help customers' business growth and development, providing a strong guarantee for subsequent operation and maintenance.

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