FS Industrial-grade Armored Cabling Solution Successfully Applied in Singapore's Green Energy Development Project


Terrenus Energy is a Singapore-based renewable energy system developer and provider that promotes renewable energy through solar panel installation and actively collaborates with governments, enterprises, and communities to provide cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions. To transmit weather data from a monitoring point near the seashore to a distribution box in a machine room, Terrenus Energy requires a reliable cabling solution to enable stable fiber optic transmissions.


1. The weather monitoring station is 380m away from the distribution box, the distance of which exceeds the maximum transmission distance of network cables, then copper cables are unsuitable for data transmission.

2. Cables must be under solar panels exposed to harsh environmental conditions with high temperatures, humidity, and sandy ground for a long time.

3. The customer is focused on renewable energy systems and lacks wiring experience, unsure about what fiber optic products to choose to ensure reliable and stable transmission.


FS provides customized TPU-coated armored patch cords with high abrasion and temperature resistance as well as online support, on-site survey, and on-site installation services for Terrenus Energy. It helps to ensure stable data transmission in long-term high-temperature and high-abrasion environments.

Industrial-Grade Armored Cabling Solution with 380m Transmission for Coastal Environment

Temperature data needs to be transmitted from the seaside weather detection device to the wiring box in the machine room with a transmission distance of 380m, while copper cables can only support transmission up to 100m. FS customized 380m industrial armored patch cables are the ideal choice for solving this problem, with high speed, large capacity, immunity to electromagnetic interference, and minimal optical loss, effectively addressing the demand for stable data transmission over long distances. Besides, it can also help them better monitor the seaside meteorological environment, and improve their work efficiency and service level.


Figure: Cabling is required in this environment.

High-Temperature Resistant Armored Patch Cables Ensure Solar Detection Accuracy and Efficiency

Terrenus Energy has built a small solar power station near the seaside and needs to connect the weather monitoring equipment and the equipment room distribution box. Harsh environments such as high temperatures, sand, and wind might harm optical fibers and affect the accuracy and stability of data transmission.

To address this issue, FS provided TPU sheathed armored patch cables featuring water, abrasion, and high-temperature resistance to withstand various adverse factors, ensuring the reliability and durability of optical fiber transmission to improve the accuracy and efficiency of equipment detection. The product not only meets the needs of the customer but also creates more commercial value for them, such as reducing maintenance costs and extending the service life of equipment, thereby achieving higher returns.

FS Comprehensive and Quick Technical Support Services for Better User Experience

As Terrenus Energy lacked experience with fiber optic cabling implementations and required a reliable solution to ensure system stability and availability, the FS technical team provided online technical support, on-site surveying, and installation services with quick response to any problems during the project, thereby ensuring a reliable network system with enhanced business continuity and reduced operational costs and risks. Terrenus Energy can enjoy better service protection and user experience.

Customer Benefits

"Thank you very much to the FS engineering team for their on-site investigation. Our engineering team was still debating which wire to use, but FS quickly and accurately identified our needs. The sales team also arranged the delivery and corresponding installation services in a way that perfectly met our engineering requirements.">--Tan Yong Xin(Purchasing Manager)

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