FS Intelligent Security Solution Assists the Automobile Company Control the Security of the Park


The customer is a well-known local company in Europe. Its industrial park covers an area of about 20000 square meter and is a modern automobile production base. In the industrial park, there are multiple production workshops such as car body workshop, engine workshop, and assembly workshop, as well as supporting facilities such as warehouses, office buildings, canteens, staff dormitories, and medical offices. Each production workshop is equipped with high-precision mechanical equipment and modern production lines to ensure high-quality and high-efficiency production. There are administrative offices, research and development centers, quality inspection centers and other departments in the office building, which provide necessary support for the company's management and research and development.

Customer Needs & Challenges

  • Due to the large number of active personnel in the park, there are many monitoring points. Insufficient network bandwidth leads to insufficient definition of monitoring images and low monitoring efficiency.

  • The potential safety hazards in and around the park could not be prevented in advance, and the efficiency of handling emergencies was low.

  • Security personnel could not view hundreds of monitoring screens at the same time, nor could they guarantee 24-hour effective monitoring.

The Solution

The whole solution network consists of front-end access control system, IPC, video management platform VMS, storage device IPSAN and display and control equipment. The access control system controls the people entering the park through the face comparison function of the system, preventing people without relevant authority from entering the park, and providing guarantee for the security of the park. IPC provides clear images, intelligent event detection, alarm event reporting, and sound and light deter criminals when alarms are triggered. In addition, Video management platform VMS and storage IPSAN can realize the unified management of monitoring equipment, configure video storage and assign different permissions to different managers, which greatly saves labor costs.

Various Types of Cameras for Effective Monitoring

FS recommended a number of different models of cameras to the customer. These include the 5MP 4x zoom hemisphere IPC104-5M-D for the restaurant, the 5MP 5x zoom hemisphere IPC305-5M-D for the office area, and the 8MP 4x zoom camera IPC304-8M-B for the production area. The zoom and pixel of each camera are carefully designed to cope with different monitoring scenarios and achieve comprehensive monitoring of the entire park.



Access Control and Alarm System to Enhance Park Security

FS provided a complete access control system. At the important entrances and exits of the park, SWB950-R gates and IPC507ET-2M-W face recognition terminals are used to record the park personnel information in advance, and only authorized employees can enter and exit the park, effectively ensuring the safety of the park. At the same time, use the IPC204-5M-P to intelligently detect abnormal events inside and outside the park, and send out sound and light alarms, which can not only deter criminals, but also remind security personnel on time. This system improves the safety of the park and enhances the management efficiency.


Video Management Platform Saves Labor Cost

FS provides a video management platform VMS, which can centrally manage and configure video storage for connected devices such as IPCs, IPSANs, and access control systems, and assign different management permissions to different administrators. On the VMS client side, it is easy to view live footage, recordings, alarms, and configure TV wall related functions. In addition, the storage IPSAN provides a huge storage space, and customers can choose IPSAN devices with different specifications and capacities based on the number of days they want to save recordings. The display device can decode the front-end IPC device and display it on the big screen, and also supports polling, which allows one staff member to monitor hundreds of IPC screens, greatly saving labor costs. This solution can not only improve monitoring efficiency but also reduce operating costs.


The Benefits

After using FS intelligent security solution, "dedicated to providing customers with secure, reliable, and efficient security and surveillance," is no longer an empty promise. It has been embedded in the network services provided to customers, enhancing work efficiency.

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